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TTC After a Loss

Question-please give insight!

OK, I had a natural m/c on 10/30 and just stopped bleeding on 11/25 ( I never thought it would end!)

I was going to read up on charting on fertility friend, but wanted to know exactly how you start? I have no idea when AF is going to come so I have no idea what day I am on or what I should look for! Should I just take my temp the day I get AF? Any suggestions on how to get started?

Thanks all-Love.

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Re: Question-please give insight!

  • I actually treated the m/c as the start of one long messed up cycle. I'm one of the lucky ones that re-regulated very easily. My first true AF started about a month after the m/c and I've been back to my typical 26 day cycles ever since.

    You can even just start temping now to get used to it and then you'll have some experience under your belt once AF shows up. HTH!

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  • I am new to charting as well.  I just started yesterday, even though I am in the middle of my cycle.  I figured it was a good way to get myself in the habit.

    I signed up for the Fertility Friend 20 day online tutorial.  It has been pretty helpful so far.  As well as re-reading TCOYF.

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  • I agree with Oregon....fertility friend gives good instructions and the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility is great.
  • I agree with all pp

    I will respond to the other post here as well since it has moved pretty far down!  I work in a very small town that has only one K-8 school (our kids go to a regional hs) with a little over 200 kids.  So, we pretty much all work with whatever kids we get!  In my previous school I worked in a self contained classroom with students with autism and emotional disorders (quite a pair!) and I have a brother with severe autism, so I tend to work with any children on the spectrum in my school just because the other 2 spec ed teachers don't have much experience.  That's why I work with 3-5, and spend two mornings a week in pre-k!  I co-teach three classes, have some reading groups, a lifeskills class, and then play in prek!  I love it because I never get bored!!! 

    I am getting a little burnt out only because we have a few "old fashioned" teachers who aren't very understanding of spec ed, and after four years of not getting any where, I'm getting sick of explaining things!!!!!  I also get frustrated with the mastery tests and curriculum bull ... I think that's why I want to do school psych.  I love the kids I work with and want to help them, but I'm getting sick of the acutual academics ... I know, a horrible thing for a teacher to say!  I also love to do evals, I realize that is freaky, but I really enjoy it ... not the reports so much, but the actual testing! 

    GL with your report tonight!  It's nice to have someone on here who does the same thing!

  • I started charting about a week after my m/c (counted that as cd1).  So, whenever you want to start is a good time. 
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  • I've been charting since January so I'm an old pro ;-)

     You should count your m/c as the beginning of the cycle.  So your cycle will be very long, but go ahead and start charting now.  That will get you into the habit and you can start to figure things out before your cycles start to regulate.  As far as your cycles regulating, that may not happen for awhile, but that's why it's good that you are charting!  Now you can make sure you are timing everything right.  FF has great instructions and TCOYF is what helped me out a lot!  I HTH and good luck!

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