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Please go to bed DD!!

DD is usually great about bedtime. We do bath at 7:30 then she is in bed by 8:15 and puts herself to sleep. We just traveled home today and she didn't sleep more than usual but she is nowhere near going to bed. I put her in her crib at 8:00 because she was rubbing her eyes likes crazy and after 2 hours I caved and brought her out here. She wasn't crying, just rolling around and talking in her crib. I now resorted to putting her in the bouncy because that has always worked in the past but here we are 15 mins into bouncing and she is still wide awake, staring at me. Think this is gonna be a long night & I am so tired because I haven't slept good since Tues night (was at IL's for Thanksgiving and bed not comfy)
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Re: Please go to bed DD!!

  • My DD was like the Energizer bunny tonight, also! Is there a full moon or something? She did go to bed about 1.5 hours after her normal bedtime.

    Hopefully your DD will be down for the night soon!

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