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just started Eclipse today!

wow - finished reading New Moon at my parent's house this weekend - it was really exciting -(even though there was not a lot of Edward :)  can't wait until it is made into a movie...

( of course I haven't even seen Twilight in the theaters yet....:) I must be one of the only people in this country....:)

I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight....:)


Re: just started Eclipse today!

  • I swear I am still the only person left who hasn't read this series yet.  I am still waiting for the book from the library.
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  • Number one you need to get your butt to a theatre STAT..... don't expect to love it.... I love it so much more now that I have seen it twice!

    Number two, enjoy eclipse! I am re reading the series right now, and I am in New Moon. I am remembering how annoyed I was the first time with this book!?

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  • the beginning of New Moon was a bit annoying, but then it got really exciting with all of the Vulturi stuff ! I had this whole Jacob vs Edward with a friend today! :)

    I feel for Jacob...( but I still heart Edward...)

  • ditto.... I love Jacob, and I feel bad for him a lot, but in the end it always comes back to Edward hands down!!!
  • so I "promised" one of my friends that we would see "Twilight" together and she keeps putting me off and it's driving me crazy!!! I just might have to see it and when she finally gets her act together I can act like I haven't seen it yet ! :)

    is that really bad ....:)

  • absolutely I would see it now, then do it again with her.

    Trust me you will like it better the second time anyways!!!


  • sounds like a plan!! :) this is so corny, but I'm thrilled to be taking the train to/from  NYC this weekend so I can have uninterrupted Eclipse time !

    :) woo hoo !  poor DH ....

  • Poor DH is right....

    We were in Kauai on our anniversary trip and I made DH find a book store in the yellow pages, and we had to go buy the second book in Hawaii!

    He thinks I am crazy ;)?

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