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3rd Trimester

I think I'm crazy!

I am trying to convince DH we should have another one right away, so Logan will have a friend to play with!  We have to keep him away from kids for a couple winters because of RSV. 

Think I'm crazy!  Oh, and I actually miss being pregnant, and I do believe I had the worst pregnancy in history!

Re: I think I'm crazy!

  • After I had abby i craved another baby so bad i would shake. it was so powerful. i got pg with mikey about 4 1/2 months after we had abby. they are absolute best friends and i wouldnt have it anyother way.

    I kinda feel bad for emmy cause she will be an "only" child in a way, with her brother and sister being so much older.

    Anyway, let your body heal and then go for another! :)

    p.s. glad little logan is doing so great!!

  • Ok thanks for letting me know it's not just me!  When I was pregnant with Logan, I swore he was our first and last, and now I want 10 after seeing that sweet little face!

    I am also very glad he's doing so well.  They project he will be home in 2 weeks or less.  I am so excited, I can't wait to have my baby home!

  • OMG!!!! Thats awesome! 2 weeks!!! yeah-hoo momma!!!
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