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Bouncer v. swing

Do we really need both? What exactly does a bouncer do? It looks just like a swing, except it doesn't swing, lol...I mean, it's reclined and has toys, etc.  We have a swing already, should we go ahead and get a bouncer, too? WDYT?

Re: Bouncer v. swing

  • The bouncer in my opinion is a must.  You can't move the swing from room to room but we moved the bouncer all over the house (the bathroom to take a shower, the kitchen to cook dinner, etc, etc.) 
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  • When I worked in daycare, bouncers were seriously a godsend. You can be doing something else with your hands and still be soothing a fussy baby by bouncing him with your foot. The swing is great too, I'm sure (no experience with it!), but the portability of a bouncer is awesome. There are some pretty inexpensive ones out there without all the bells and whistles that you don't really need anyhow.
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  • I'd get both. ?Bouncers can be really cheap and you can pick on second hand easily too. ?And swings can be godsends too! ?Colton had many a-naps in his!
  • We bought a big papasan swing and a Boppy bouncer before our baby was born. We used the bouncer a tiny bit -- maybe two or three times in the bathroom while I showered -- but she just does not like it very much. We ended up getting a travel swing and taking the bouncer to her grandparent's house. But this is coming from a baby who prefers to sleep in her swing.
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  • I would definitely have a bouncer. Ours vibrated too, it was a literal godsend!
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  • I think the bouncer is a must have.  DD spent a lot of time in it early on and loved it.  We also have a swing and she liked it, but it wasn't used nearly as often.  If you had to pick one, I would go with the bouncer for sure.  They aren't expensive, though.
  • I think that I am in the minority here because DD didn't like her bouncer at all, and it was the vibrating one.  She loved the swing and I couldn't have lived without it because it was the only way that she would nap for several months - total godsend!  I agree with pp'r that it's best to get both.

  • I've heard that you either have a bouncer baby or a swing baby and you don't know which until you try it out! ?DS didn't like his bouncer much, probably because it didn't bounce, it just vibrated (doh!), but it turned into a toddler chair and he liked climbing and sitting in it. ?
  • Both the bouncer and the swing have been godsends to us at some time or other!  Swings are expensive, but believe me, it was worth it when he wouldn't go to sleep on his own very easily the first few months....  As for the bouncer, ours was the cheapest one at BRU, $25 and it was worth every penny!  I have used it inside, outside, to keep him happy when I am making dinner.... to feed him dinner/solids now that he is older...  I have never used the vibrating option on the bouncer much, but I do like the chair aspect of it.  If cost is an issue, or if you are worried you won't use one or the other, I'd get a used swing since a swing is pretty much a swing and get a cheap bouncer like we have...  To be honest you are never going to know what your baby will like, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend big bucks on *anything,* but even if you don't register for something, you still may end up trying it because you're a sleepless parent!  It's sort of a catch 22, so just do your best with the registering and don't 2nd guess yourself too much, if that makes any sense!  :) 

  • Oops, sorry I missed the fact that you already have a swing.  Yes, get a bouncer, IMO!
  • I say get a bouncer.  We used it so much.  And it can easily go from room to room.  It was the only way I was able to shower those first couple months.  DD loved her bouncer and was definitely worth the $$.
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