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2ww Symptoms Check!!!

Hey loves - so, I'm somewhere in the middle/end of my 2ww, I don't know for sure what dpo I am, (ha!) and thought it was time for a 2ww poll:

+ Symptoms?

+ How are you feeling about this cycle being "it"?

+ How's Dh feeling about this cycle being "it"?

+ When will you test?

Re: 2ww Symptoms Check!!!

  • + Symptoms? Lots of left sided twinges, major smell aversions today and some nausea in the AM yesterday & today

    + How are you feeling about this cycle being "it"? Actually really hopeful!

    + How's Dh feeling about this cycle being "it"? He's convinced this is it, even though we didn't BD as often as we should have.

    + When will you test? I may do a practice pee tomorrow AM :)  If not, I'll try my best to wait until CD 28 which is Friday.
  • + I actually just posted about starting to feel that stretchy/tugging feeling in my uterus. I'm only 4 dpo though so I'm probably just nuts lol.

    + I'm actually feeling pretty confident. I had EWCM comin out of my... well, you know (thanks green tea!) and I think our timing was really great. And, well, I just have to stay positive or I'll lose my mind!

    + I think he's hopeful every month, but he's so reserved and laid back that he just takes each cycle as it comes - SO jealous.

    + I'm probably going to cave and POAS on Sat. I'll only be 11 dpo but my MIL is coming to town this week and it'd be so nice to deliver that kind of good news in person!

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  • Hi Peach!

    Symptoms: Some twinges and possibly crampiness...minor though

    This cycle being "it": Actually pretty hopeful, feel it's time, love our new doctor and she was very hopeful

    DW feeling about this cycle being "it": She always thinks every cycle is "it" and this one she hasn't been as vocal...which I think might mean good things

    When will you test: Probably Friday (12dpiui) unless I get more symptoms

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  • *I am two days late for AF
    *I have sore boobs
    *I have cramps

    I am not pregnant, but these symptoms are driving me crazy.

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  • I've had stretching/pulling/tugging since about 5 or 6dpo and it was really strong for a few days, but it's gotten significantly better the last day or so.  I've had waves of nausea/dizziness in the evenings.  I've had INTENSE, INSANE hunger for the past week, which sincerely reminds me of when I was pg.  I am not normally a very hungry person. I've had creamy CM since O (I've never had that between O and AF).  I've also had major "feelings" or "intuition" that I'm pg, that I've never had before. Wishful thinking perhaps...

    I really would like to think this is it. DH deploys in January so we only have this cycle and next.  We had good timing (FWP both Peak days on the CBEFM)

    DH has made comments about my hunger/eating and he keeps saying it's because I am "growing a fetus."

    I've tested every day since Thursday and stark white BFN :( I am trying not to test tomorrow morning, and trying to hold out until tomorrow night or Tuesday morning when AF is due. The night before AF I usually get a major headache. I didn't have one the night before my last BFP.  So pray for no headaches for me and that AF stays away for 9 months!!!

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  • + Symptoms?  sore boobs, waves of nausea, heightened smell,  and pink tinged cm this today when wiping....(implantation anyone???)

    + How are you feeling about this cycle being "it"?   Actually really positive.  We FWP every other day and then every day during peak week.  So if we missed it then something else is wrong

    + How's Dh feeling about this cycle being "it"?  Actually really positive as well!  I smelled a cigarett this afternoon while inside our car driving and we discivered the smoker was 2 cars in front of us in the other lane...his response was "your pregnant"

    + When will you test?   Really gonna try and old out til thurs or Friday..hopefully I can!

  • * I'm 11 dpo today and have had cramping/stretching since 6 dpo which has started to subside now.  The past two days I've been dizzy in the evenings and when I stand up suddenly.  I've also peed a million times the past two days.  MH thinks my boobs look bigger (for some reason I don't trust my opinion on this...haha).  I had alot of creamy CM from O to about 8 dpo which has since dried up

     * I am pretty hopeful about this being the month.  Otherwise I'll just feel crazy for having these symptoms

    * MH seems hopeful but won't typically do anything to get my hopes up.

    * I tested today and got BFN.  I'll test again on Tuesday which is day 28 and also our wedding anniversary!  I usually have a 28 day cycle but this cycle I ovulated 3 days earlier then normal and so my luteal phase is already at the longest it ever has been. 

     Good luck everyone!

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  • + Symptoms?  had sore boobs/nips last week, almost puked Friday night, headache, a little crampy, aversion to smells, a little tired (prob just relaxed for a change)

    + How are you feeling about this cycle being "it"? not very

    + How's Dh feeling about this cycle being "it"?  he's probably clueless

    + When will you test? already have a thousand times - all bfn

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  • My last two cycles post m/c have been 26 days......

     I'm on 26 now and no AF...

    I seem to have cramping when I lie down for bed and then in the morning..My nips are also kind of tingly and I have noticed I've had to pee alot today.  Still bloated and tired.  Have a gut feeling this could be it!

    I think DH thinks I'm crazy when I tell him my symptoms, he will have to see a + before he gets excited.

    *We also decided that if this isn't the cycle we would go to Jamaica in April and finally get I'm guessing it will be the cycle ;)

    I almost bought a $tree test today but didn't.  If AF doesn't show tomorrow I may test tomorrow after work! Best of luck to you girls!

  • Oh goodie...others to obsess with finally!

    Symptoms--I'm 8 dpo and had a nice temp dip on 6 dpo. ?I've been totally dragging all day and took two naps and want to go to bed again right now. ?Everything else comes and goes--super hungry, dizzy, etc.--I may just be imagining all of that.

    If "it"=pregnancy, I'm actually feeling pretty confident after being so wiped out today. ?Deep fear is starting to set in though. ?The life of a "habitual aborter"....sigh...

    Not sure how DH feels, although he did look excited this morning when he asked if I was pregnant again.

    Test--RE told us to wait until Fri. ?I had a hcg trigger, so they want to make sure it isn't positive because of that. ?Little do they know I already tested a couple of days ago to make sure the hcg was out of my system already! ?So if I still feel lousy, maybe Wed??


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