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BRU Rant

OK, I finally went to register today. ?So frustrated with BRU...I mean..seriously, the selection there sucked to put it mildly. ?Maybe I'm just hormonal...but if I don't want brown, I'm kind of SOL for my little girl. ?They had tons of stuff for boys...like carseats, strollers, etc...like ONE carseat with PINK...come on...they do have some cute stuff online, but I'm worried that no one will buy online...I know people want to go and put their paws on stuff when buying for a baby shower.


OK, vent over...I feel better...LOL...sorry girls...:o)?

Re: BRU Rant

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    Which one did you go to? ?I know the one on 410 near Ingram has A LOT more stuff in stock and on display than the one at the RIM at 1604 and 10. ?

    I actually went to the Ingram one to get my glider - it had a color combo that wasn't even online (mocha fabric, espresso wood)

    Unfortunately, I am closer to the one at the RIM. =( ?I have heard that the one on 281 south of 410 has good selection too, but I haven't been to that one myself.?

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    Do not do your registry at any other store but Ingram or 410 and Airport b/c they are stand alone stores and have a lot more stuff.  The others I believe are part of Toys R Us and are not as nice or big and do not have as good a selection.  The one at that forum doesn't have much.
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    • yeah, I went to the Ingram store...still not thrilled. ?Maybe I'm picky, maybe I'm hormonal. ?I just want something nice that does not include the color brown. ?Oh well. ?I'll keep looking....
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