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Going to see Twilight...

yes, for the second time!!! One of my girlfriends just called and said they are going, so I am going to go....

Robert Pattinson will most certainly take my mind off of AF today now won't he :)

See you guys when I get back for late night nesties!

PS.... LNN goal tonight is to get me to BRONZE!!!!?

Re: Going to see Twilight...

  • I think I would go see it a second time too, ha-ha.  Hopefully with less pre-teen girls there.
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  • yeah I am hoping there will be less screaming girls...

    I went the Friday it opened, and they were literally screaming at the screen!?

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  • Have fun!  I'm not going anywhere so I'll be here when you get back for LNN!
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  • Count me in for LNN, I will be up writing a HUGE paper tonight! Ahhh! I can't wait to graduate- I am swearing off school for a very long time now!


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