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Weird...maybe it's a sign??

So over the past few weeks I have had many experience with the numbers 11:23. Now, I thought I was just noticing it a lot because 11/23 is my b-day so that number stands out to me in general. But it was popping up everywhere. I'd look at the clock - 11:23. I'd be walking on the treadmill, look down at my time left - 11:23. I even filled my gas tank one day and it was $11.23. So I kept telling DH that he needs to play those numbers or something!

So then I thought well, maybe it'll be a BFP on my b-day, but I was only about 7DPO then so it wouldn't have worked out....not to mention it was a BFN cycle anyway.

But I just noticed that this is my 11th cycle post m/c. And when I signed into ovusoft to start my new chart, it was chart #23 overall. (I charted to avoid for months before TTC).

So it probably means nothing, but isn't that weird???

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Re: Weird...maybe it's a sign??

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