TTC After a Loss

Alright ladies let me have it....

I want to go ALL out this cycle..

so let's share any or all things you do each month to try to get KU?!?

For example. what's the whole green tea thing? Etc,.....

I have read about so many things, and never tried many of them, so now I am interested!!!

FWIW, we are already using preseed, and got our last BFP with it! Oh yeah and I did pineapple core with the last BFP...


Re: Alright ladies let me have it....

  • I got nothing.

    I might have to steal your pre-seed idea if I don't get a BFP soon.

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  • I swear the preseed did it last time! The only reason I think it didn't work this time is because I thought I had ovulated and I hadn't, so we totally messed up our timing! Otherwise I think it might have worked!
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  • I don't do any of those things.

    We got our last BFP the first time trying our Dr's method of every other day. So we shall be doing that again this cycle, the only difference is I shall start it a little earlier and maybe extend it as I don't know how long my cycles are.?

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  • So glad you had a good time with your girls and enjoyed the martinis?image

    We want to put as little stress on ourselves as possible during this TTC journey. We all test so early that we stop drinking really before it could do any harm anyway. One of my friends Mum use to drink a pint of Guinness nearly everyday back in the day before they knew it was bad for the baby. Really we are just fine!

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  • I drink green tea, chart, and use opk's, none of which I did pre m/c.  I plan to put my legs up after BD-ing (actually I need to do that daily)  My yoga instructor says it really does make a difference by increasing circulation there, so I will try it. 
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  • My other tips were in your opk post. 

    Are you checking your cervix position during your fertile week? I found that my cervix was soft and high and open the day before my +opk, so we fwp that night, the next and the following day. It makes sense to me for it to be open the day before, so that the boys are ready to meet the egg.  Some people think it's gross to check that, but I figured since you are a RN too, it might not bother you as much as other to do that.

  • before our bfp we did it every other day and i put my legs up afterwards. other than that nothing... gl!
  • Here is what we do:

    No Caffeine drinks - both of us

    No Alcohol - both of us

    Using OPK's

    DH taking a daily Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E ( 3 pills a day)

    Now using conception friendly Lubricant

    Using the Conception Curve pillow to keep my legs/hips up after FWP



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  • I've got nothing special. Just every other day, and keep the legs high to the sky after. haha. I swear it works! And pre natals of course!
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  • I did all of the below when I got this BFP:

    -chinese herbs
    -green tea/capusules
    -deanna's plan sperm meets egg plan (find it on google)
    -pineapple/pomegranate around O

    -hubby took ginko biloba, saw palmetto, and flaxseed oil

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  • my first bfp came after using an ovulation calculator and putting in my shortest and longest cycles.  i took the first day of my shortest cycle calculation date and the last day of my longest cycle and we went for it every other night and I am definitely going to do that again this ended up being that we tried every other night for a week and a half....good luck!!!
  • Porn....Yes, I actually got him a porn on PPV (not something either of us is really in to). We were both exhausted after the holidays and 4 straight days of sex (hadn't done that since we were dating or at least newlyweds). I don't think the movie really did what it was supposed to because we both just laughed at how ridiculous it was and got a bad case of the giggles. Somehow it was the giggles that got us in the mood. Point of the story, my advice is bad porn.
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