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Good Morning my Loves

It's 845am here in Indiana and we woke up to about 3 inches of SNOW on the ground!!!!!  It's beautiful :)  Dh thinks he's getting out of hanging up our outside lights today & that we're not going tree shopping now.....ummm NO WAY- I'm so in the mood for it now!!!!

What are your Sunday plans?

Re: Good Morning my Loves

  • We put the tree up yesterday and today we are supposrd to get 4-6" of I plan on making a sno-man with my dd...although since I couldn't sleep I am now getting really tired! ugh!
  • Sad  it's pouring here in Jersey!  We were going to get our tree cut down today, but I guess that will have to wait now as well as DH going onto the roof to hang the lights...oh well, one of those stay in and watch a movie days...
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  • Wow, snow - how exciting!

    I'm getting ready to head out to church, then grocery shopping, then finishing up my Christmas shopping with my best friend!

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  • I'm at work nesting on my phone thinking about my snuggly bed...and how i cant wait until xmas to get my twilight books!
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  • Morning! We are getting our tree today too! I cant wait.


  • I'm jealous you have snow! Down here in KY we're just getting rain - ick. No real plans for today, we got everything done already Friday and yesterday, so today is just relaxing. We talked about maybe venturing out to the mall so DH can shop for me, but not sure if we'll actually do it. I have a few homemade gifts to get done, so I'll try to do those. Have fun in the snow!
  • Good morning!

    I slept in and woke up with the biggest freaking zit.  It hurts like a MoFo.  My DS has basketball practice at 2:00 and we are going to see Bolt at 4:00. 

  • Working, as usual :(

    But we do have the Christmas decorations up around the ship, so it does feel cozy and we are trying to get in the spirit

    Hope you find the perfect tree!

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  • It's rainy cold and miserable here!  I'm home from church and dreading going back out to go to the gym......  Rest of the day will be studying for my final this week, and finishing up the last paper for the quarter!  Sounds exciting huh?
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  • good morning! sounds so nice to have snow.  our plans are the usual, sleep in (except me this am), go to church, DH watch football while I go work out.  Oh -- I finish making the butternut squash soup I started yesterday.
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  • I wish we had snow...just rain here.  It's DH bday today so we're pretty much doing whatever he wants...which right now includes just laying in bed.  I think we won't be getting our tree today Sad
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  • I have one sentence for you... you are all up far TOO early on a Sunday morning!?image

    Have a good day girls ?

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  • Morning Peach!  I have church this morning, and I should probably find some time to do homework.
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  • I wish we could get snow...but not here...not like that anyway.  We are getting ready to go out to breakfast with the fam.  And then I am spending my day cleaning the house and DH is working on his motorcycle.
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