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Sick Baby and Daycare

what is the general rule about keeping a baby home from daycare due to illness? DS has a cold (stuffy nose, cough, sneezing) but hasn't had a fever or any breathing issues. He seems fine but I don't want him to get anyone else sick. On the other hand, I have no leave accrued and I've only been back to work for 2 weeks, so I'd rather not stay home if its not necessary. Do you send your babies to daycare if they have the symptoms above? The sniffles could last a while...I just don't know how long it would be contagious.

Re: Sick Baby and Daycare

  • I would send DD if she had your DS's symptoms.
  • I would send him too unless the cough was really bad.  It such a hard call trying to decide it you should send them or not!
  • Send him - if DS stayed home with every sniffle I would never work! :-)
  • I send DS unless he has a fever or the cough seems really bad.
  • I would send him.  Unless my DS has a fever or is acting miserable, I send him.
  • I would send DS with your DS's symptoms.  If he doesn't have a fever and is acting okay, I would say at least try.  They will call you if you need to pick him up.  And at least you attempted to go into work.
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