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Hiya honey! I haven't seen you on in forever! How's our baby growing?

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  • Looks like I missed you again! DH and I were catching up on the DVR.

    Baby is doing well. We got to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday and it was beautiful. I bought my first pair of maternity pants today, after a very frustrating shopping trip in my rural town that seems so much bigger than it is =P Looks like we'll be driving an hour away to get some "real" shopping in. But, I have some friends who may be willing to lend me stuff if it fits, so that's a good thing!

    How are you holding up in the TTC world??

  • Eh, still coming to terms with this whole PCOS idea. I've already started to change my diet... had my fasting glucose/insulin on Wed, so hope to have those results back Mon. Then, next step is more drugs.... yee haw. I feel like all I do anymore these days is pop pills. Now I just have to get off my lazy arse and exercise. But it will all be worth it for two lines, a heartbeat and a little bundle of joy in my arms! I can't believe how far along you are already though... hell, by the time I get KU, you'll have already delivered at the rate I'm going!

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  • I understand the time warp! AngelsAmid and I m/c within a day of each other in January, but she got pg again quickly. My goal was to be pg again before her little girl arrived. Emma arrived on Monday! Hopefully it won't take you that long though!

    The PCOS diagnosis has to be rough. But, the good news is that something has been identified and it's treatable. Lots of ladies on SAL have been through it, and now have healthy little ones in their arms. So don't lose hope! I'm keeping my eye on you and wishing you all the best! ((hugs))

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