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I'm back from a short Bump hiatus :)

Hello my loves :)  We just got back from NY (and I had no internet access there - well, it was dial up, so it was basically NO internet access!).

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile - it was just a busy week leading up to Thanksgiving and then being in NY, so we just got back tonight and I wanted to pop on real quick and say *HI* :)

Any new BFP's or fun news?  I forget how many dpo we are, but I'm having all sorts of funny twinges so I'm hopeful :)

Re: I'm back from a short Bump hiatus :)

  • How was NY???  It's been fairly quiet around here with Thanksgiving taking all of our time.
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  • Hi sweetie - it was good, too short.  I adore my IL's and we don't get to spend much time with them during the winter months due to dangerous traveling along the great lakes.

    Sadly, on the drive there, we came across an accident where no one had stopped yet and NO EMS was there yet, so being a NP, I felt obligated to stop and the driver was in critical condition & the passenger had already passed away...their car was so crushed that I couldn't get anyone out, felt so helpless & it was a terrible way to start the trip :(

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  • Julie, your back, YAY!!!

    How was NY? Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

    YAY for all the funny twinges!!! When are you testing??

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  • Hey honey! Good to see you back safe and sound- I've missed you! That is awful about that accident- it must be hard to feel like you can't do anything. ((hugs))
  • Welcome back! I just commented you on FB =)

    Sorry to hear about the accident, that must have been rough. But I hope you had a good trip otherwise. Were you in NYC?

  • I forgot to tell you my news... I got SILVER and also my AF!!!! Just 30 days after D&C compared with 51 days after the first one. So excited, but I do have a hot water bottle switching between my lower back and belly, but hey who cares!!!
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  • Oh yeah - and yay for twinges!!!
  • Yay!!  My nestie girls are on :)  NY was good, but too fast - we were in Rochester, so right on Lake Ontario....but, it feels really good to be home!
  • Welcome back!  We missed you.
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  • MARY!!!!  Yay for being Silver now, hehehe, we can be silver sisters :)  Boo for stupid AF - I'm ready for you to be pg again!!!
  • Welcome back :)  What a way to start the holiday!  I hope those twinges are you know what..... Wink
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  • Welcome back!

    I was thinking about you earlier today and was ready to send a Where Peach post!

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday trip.

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  • Welcome back! It's been slow without ya!

    You, Luvs, and myself are all due to test on the same day this cycle (or so sayeth the tickers...)

  • hey -- welcome back.  hope it was a splendid trip!
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