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Reading to a 9-10 mo old

Do most 9-10 month olds sit and pay attention to a book when you're reading it?  When DD was younger, she'd sit still for books.  But now, she just twists and turns in your lap and hangs off the side of the chair upside down and will NOT sit still, much less pay attention to the book.  I have no clue if this is normal and eventually she will sit still while we read to her???  I love reading to her but right now, it's more frustrating than anything wrestling her and trying to keep her from flinging herself off my lap!!!



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Re: Reading to a 9-10 mo old

  • lol - no.  DS wouldn't sit for a book until about 4 years old!

    Keep reading though.  She's still listening even if she's on the other side of the room.  And on occasion she'll come to look at the pictures, and sometimes she'll surprise you and sit there for the whole book.

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  • :)

    It's only recently that DS has begun to visibly enjoy and even ask for storytime. ?He used to just grab the books out of my hands and try to eat them. ?We kept at it, though, and now he's able to get through one or two books before he gets tired of it. ?Unless he's tired when we start -- then it's more like one or two pages.

    So in answer to your question, I don't know if it's typical, but it sure sounds a lot like what we experienced with DS.?

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  • Rhett used to let me read to him, but now he usually just wiggles around and tries to grab the book and eat it, like batsteph said. He really likes his bathtime book and he does pay attention when I read that too him in the tub. I went ahead and picked another one up for his stocking since it's the only time I seem to be able to read to him these days!
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  • DD just now will bring me a book to read to her for all of 1-2 minutes before she rips it out of my hands.
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  • maybe try books that have different textures you can help her feel (fuzzy animals and such). and make funny voices for the characters. something else that worked for us is i would let her turn the pages (even if that meant just a word or two was read from each page). i also heard/read that because of their short attention spans it's best to read the same book for a couple of weeks. we tend to do the same book for a month at a time! but it's cool because we get to see her learn. now when we read "pat the bunny" she knows what to do when we get to each page and does it without prompting.  :) so fun to watch her learn.

     hope this helps! hang in there.


  • Good points above!

    Two of Daniel's favorite books -- from months ago and still today -- are "Bath Time" by Sandra Boynton, which is a bathtub book; and "That's Not My Puppy" (don't remember the author and I'm too lazy to get up and look), which has lots of different textures.

    There's a whole "That's Not My __________" series; Daniel will probably be getting a couple more in his Christmas stocking.

    He's also a big fan of the Bright Baby books "Animals", "Colors", and "First Words". ?They're small format hardbound board books, and they all feature a large vivid picture and caption on each page. ?They're very basic, and they seem to intimidate/distract/bore Daniel less than books with lots of words on each page.?

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  • I've heard from several friends that it is normal for that age, but DD loves books! She'll sit down and "read" a book by herself. She turns the pages, points to pictures, and talks like she's reading. It is super cute! I agree with pp- keep reading to her even if she's across the room. They can hear the words and rhythm in your voice!
  • We have a lot of luck with laying on the floor and holding the book up above us. This keeps him looking up at it and stops the wiggle grabby steal the book stuff.


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  • yay! I just figured DD was hyper-active! She does the same thing... we might get through 2 pages IF she's tired!?

    The books with textures are a little better with us too - we have 3 with different animals that she likes.

    We read as part of our bedtime routine, and we were just joking the other night that it always feels like I'm reading to DH or he's reading to me b/c DD is off playing with something else!?

  • Uh no. Reading to DS is a lesson in futility. He'll sitdown for about a milisecond and then either a) get distracted and want to get down or crawl away or b) start chewing on the book.
  • my 10 month old nephew likes to sit on the floor with the book in front of him while i read it to him. so he can touch it and turn the pages but doesn't feel like he's confined.
  • coming in late... but I just wanted to say Megan doesn't sit through a whole book either.  She loves to read but mostly to turn the pages herself so I like the books with not many words, or I just point out the pictures before she turns the page.  Sometimes I give her a book to play with, chew on... while I read her another book that seems to help too. 
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