Broke the news to the in-laws on Thanksgiving

We told DH parents that we are adopting. They are so excited which make me much more excited than I already was. We went out with them last night and I guess they had been talking about it constantly since we told them. My mother in law is already wanting to buy all the baby's furniture and help paint.  I wasn't sure how they'd take it, (they have two grand baby's already) I knew they'd be happy for us but didn't expect that reaction. She told me that's all she's been thinking about. How sweet! Just wanted to share.
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Re: Broke the news to the in-laws on Thanksgiving

  • That's awesome! I was worried they had a bad reaction based on your title. Glad it wasn't that way!
  • I'm so glad! This is such exciting news for you and your family! Yay!
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  • that was our plan too,  but it did not work out that way.  I guess we were waiting for it to come up in conversation - which of course it did not.

    We really have to tell them soon, I really don't want to call them and say, "hey, we are adopting (fost/adopt) and we just got our first placement yesterday"

    I just don't want to do an official announcement, I would rather it just come up in conversation.  So, we will see.

    I am glad you got a good reaction

  • That is great!! It's so awesome how supportive families are :)



  • That brings me to tears!! This adoption process is new to me and its just beautiful how openly they accepted the idea. Congrats, I hope this makes it so much easier for you knowing you have a wonderful support system.
  • Yay for you guys!  That's good.  :)

     MyColonyNJ-lol.  My side of the family knew right away but his family we told when we were matched with Khloe's birthmom--3 weeks before she was born.  lol.  They were excited-Khloe's is there only grandchild. 

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  • That's great that they are excited for you and DH!  Isn't it fun to share the news??


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  • That is wonderful news.
  • YEAH!  I'm glad it went well, it is always great to get those very excited responses because, at least for me, it makes it that much more real!
  • Yey!  I'm so glad it went well.  Congrats!!
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  • That's wonderful news, congratulations!  How sweet of your MIL to want to help with things too - very supportive and sweet.  YAY for you and DH!
  • Congrats on your decision. Sounds like you have lovely in-laws; you're very lucky. :)
  • That's wonderful.  :)  It makes it so much easier when you know you have the full support of your family.  And let me tell you -- when the baby comes, there will be NO difference between your baby and their other grandchildren!  Grandparents go CRAZY over those babies!!  hahaha  :)  My parents say that they always "forget" that DD is even adopted, and the only thing that makes my mom remember that is realizing that I was never PG.  haha  ;)
  • Thank you for all of the replies. It really is exciting. It got me all excited again. I go through stages because I know it's going to be a long road and I'm already impatient about it so I try not to even think about it but it has been hard the last few days. ;)

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  • That's wonderful.  It makes the journey so much easier when you have your family's support and understanding.
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