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NICU care package ideas

Hi!  I was wondering if you all could help me.  I have a friend with a baby in the NICU, and I wanted to put together a care package for her and her husband...I was thinking of things like hand sanitizer, a disposable camera, and lotion....Any other ideas?


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  • Those are good ideas, also a journal, little snacks and a card or note congratulating her on the birth of her baby (as preemie mom's we often don't get congratulated) would be good.  I'm sure she will appreciate that you thought of her.
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  • That's very sweet of you.  Your ideas are great. Some of the other items we got that we loved were gift cards to restaurants near the hospital (one can only eat so much hospital cafeteria food), gas cards, and soft receiving blankets for the isolette/crib.
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  • I needed something to read or something to keep my hands busy.  When they were sleeping (which was often) I didn't have much to do.  A read and even cross stitched those preprinted baby bibs. 
  • gas cards, or food! My favorite thing was a digital frame because i could upload ?the pictures i took everyday and keep the frame on my nightstand.
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  • Gas cards and restaurant gift certs are great! Maybe a gift cert. to Barnes and Noble as well? ?I read two full books while DS was in the NICU. ?GL to her; that is very sweet of you.
  • That is very sweet of you!  One thing I could have used -- "coupons" for things like "vaccum your house."   Our house (and poor dogs!) really got neglected while DS was in the NICU.  Everyone offered to "help" and I know they meant it, but I'm not direct enough to say "can you come mow my yard for me?"  When people offered specific things, I took them up on them because I knew they really didn't mind.

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