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Dr appt and only 1 follie

Please tell me others have had success getting KU with 1 follie. I have an IUI scheduled for Fri and wondering if its a waste. I take femara and this is the first time I have not responded well. Im trying to be positive that it only takes one but Im a bit discouraged. What do you ladies think? Im in need of a pep talk. :p


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Re: Dr appt and only 1 follie

  • I have not, but I know a really cute 17 month old who is the result of a 1 follie IUI, her mom is my BFF :)
    After a loss and 4 IUIs, a surprise BFP while on rest cycle due to cysts and "supercharged ovaries" brought us baby M.
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  • I am not the best one to talk to about IUI's & I won't give you the "it only takes one" speech.  Did your doctor have anything to say?  Given how much you invest in a cycle, on so many different levels, would it be better to do your IUI when you have a better response?  If finances were not an issue then I would say do the IUI but if they are then I would wait until next month to see if you had a better cycle then.  Sorry, I am no help :( it might be one of those cycles that starts out not looking so good but ends in a great result.  Sending t&p's your way.

    Diagnosis: MFI, ovaries w/polycystic appearance, hypothyroidism, elevated FSH.
    IUI #1 BFN
    IUI #2 BFN
    IUI #3 BFN
    IVF #1 BFP b/g twins born 10/12/11, no frosties.
    IVF #2 BFP chemical pregnancy, 3 frosties
    FET #1 BFN
    IVF #3 at CC.RM, CCS testing.
    FET: BFP One bean, SCH & Fundal hematoma, FX we go without too many issues along the way.....

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  • People get pregnant with one follie all the time! They just don't know because they do it without treatments. ;) Seriously, it just takes one. Good luck hon!!!
    Unexplained Infertility

    After two Clomid cycles, three injectable IUI cycles, two IVFs, two miscarriages, and one lap surgery, IVF #2 has brought us our little boy!

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    TTC #2
    After months of being postponed or cancelled, FET #1.3 (Natural FET) brought us twin girls!

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  • image Dragonfly1226:
    People get pregnant with one follie all the time! They just don't know because they do it without treatments. ; Seriously, it just takes one. Good luck hon!!!

    Ha! So true. Way to put it into perspective.


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  • We had lots of follies but only one measuring 18. So you never know!

    image image Mean Muggin :) Married: 5/09 ~ TTC Since: 10/10 ~ PCOS ~ Progesterone from 10/10 - 2/11 ~ HSG on 3/18 - Clear ~ Started Metformin 1000mg & Clomid 50mg 2/11 ~ Metformin upped to 1500mg 4/6 ~ 6/7 Now going to SG and put on Clomid, Ovidrel, Gonal F, Prometrium, Estrace ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP!!!!!! March 6th, 2012 my precious little man came into our lives... image
    6/17/13 - Ovidrel, Follistim, Prometrium ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP! Little man is going to have a friend!image

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  • What Dragonfly said! I'm sorry you didn't respond better. But really hoping that one follie is the one!
    TTC with PCOS since November 2009
    IUI#1 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 3-7) = BFP, m/c
    IUI#2 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 5-9) = BFN
    IUI#3 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 3-7) = BFP!
    beta #1 11/23 = 270, P4 = 75
    beta #2 11/28 = 2055
    Our daughter E was born 7/29/2012!
    Surprise, here we go again. EDD 5.15.14
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  • Hoping this one follie is all it takes! Go for it and GOOD LUCK!!!
    TTC#1 since oct 2009, DOR
    IUI #1-3 (jan-mar 2011), all BFN 
    IVF #1 oct 2011, BFN      
    IVF #2: dec 2011, BFFN
    FET #1: feb 8, 2012, BFP!!!  chibaby born october 29, 2012!

    TTC #2
    FET #2  sept 5, 2013-BFFN
    new RE
    IVF #3    feb 2014-BFFN again...

    Enjoying life as a family of three :) 


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