update to my basement flood

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. My parents and sis came over today. Sis watched the kiddos while my parents, DH and I hauled azz. We got the entire basement cleared out. Saved what we could, washed what we could, trashed the rest. We have a call into a few different cleaning places to come clean and rip up the carpet down there. We lost a lot of stuff, but all of the appliances and furnace, hot water tank were fine. So thankfully we don't have to replace those. The poor garbage men are going to freak when the come down our street. It's lined the whole length of the curb with the contents of everyone's basement!

Side note-I've been getting these terrible stomach pains that come and go, and my doctor thinks it might be gallstones, so I have an ultrasound tomorrow. The instructions came in the mail Sat and I just set them aside because we've been so busy. I finally sat down to read them, with a piece of pizza in hand (first time I'd eaten all day) at about 8pm. The instructions said no fatty foods after 3pm, no fod after 7pm. Oops... 




Re: update to my basement flood

  • Can you rip up the carpet now?

    I would because it cuts down the risk if mildew to mold. This is what we do in hurricane country. It is easy. Cut it and roll it.
  • I'm glad that the appliances are going to be ok.  That will make a big difference in the next week or so.  That still really sucks, though.  I'm sorry.

    About the gallbladder--I hope it turns out that it is nothing.  When mine crapped out on me, it hurt worse than labor pains.  I was begging them to take it out, but they wouldn't until a certain amount of time had passed after I had DD.  If you eat very low fat, you can keep attacks pretty much under control.

    Best of luck tomorrow!


  • Glad that it is a little better than you initially thought and you had help!

    Best wishes for the ultrasound ... they'll probably have you wait an extra hour with running late anyway. If the ultrasound tech complains or gives you sh!t, tell him or her about your sh!tty weekend and they'll quiet down.
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  • GLad you were able to salvage the big and expensive stuff. What a mess, again....sorry to hear it

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