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How many ultrasounds?

Hello ladies! So I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks and my doctor said I won't get one/ need one till I'm 35 weeks? How would my doctor know everything will be okay till then? Is my baby growing? Fluid levels? Am I overreacting ?

Re: How many ultrasounds?

  • I get one ultrasound which I had at 20 weeks. I won't have another one unless dr is concerned something is wrong. The doctor will start measuring your belly for growth and unless there are other signs that are concerning, the assumption is that all is going well. This is fairly standard although there can be some variation in how much monitoring is done.
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  • You will go in every two weeks til then. At those visits your Dr will measure your uterine growth and your weight gain. This will help make are your baby is growing. If you feel regular kicks, you will know baby is ok. You are definitely oeverreacting.

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    You will go in every two weeks til then. At those visits your Dr will measure your uterine growth and your weight gain. This will help make are your baby is growing. If you feel regular kicks, you will know baby is ok. You are definitely oeverreacting.

    This. I had my anatomy scan at 18 weeks 4 days. At 22 weeks 4 days, they measured my uterus and it was 2 weeks ahead. They have decided to do another U/S to make sure baby is ok. Due to my history, I most likely have polyhydraminos, again. They discovered it the same way first time around. My measurements were off. 

    They know when there are signs of problems without ultrasounds. U/S were not even routine until around the mid 90s. My mom never had a single U/S with my brother. The only reason she had them with me was because they had found non cancerous tumors in her uterus prior to her pregnancy. 

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  • To date, I have had 5 ultrasounds and will have a 6th on the 29th. I would have been happy with one. I had bleeding issues first trimester and they had trouble finding baby's heartbeat so had to look at an ultrasound. I went to the ER and they had to do an ultrasound. I also had my A/S and have to do a repeat of A/S due to six fingers on each hand and a few bright spots they found. 

    I would have rather had one. My Mother had three healthy kids with no ultrasounds 30 years ago since her doctor didn't believe in them. We were all born healthy with no issues.

    I think they cause a lot of needless worry and I would really just like to have had one.  

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  • I think it is standard practice to have 1 dating us in the beginning and then the a/s. I am high risk so I have a u/s at every appt to check for growth. Although I love seeing LO I would rather not be high risk and just have the 2 u/s's.

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  • I had one at every appt (9 w, 11w, 13w, 16w, 20w) to monitor growth and because there's a U/S machine at my doc's office so it's convenient for my doc to check on the baby if he wants to.

    At my last appt, the 20w A/S, he told me that would be the last one and that we would start doing the measurements and listen to the heartbeat using the doppler going forward unless there are issues late in the pregnancy.

    So, yeah, sounds like you're normal. :)

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    Your situation sounds pretty standard. I've had probably 7or 8 ultrasounds so far with another scheduled in about a month.
    My RE did them every week and my OB now likes me to have one every 6 to 8 weeks. She said we would "make up" reasons if we had to, but she's been through our losses with us so I think it's just for my peace of mind.

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  • I had 1 at 19 weeks and have two more scheduled. One bc I am participating in a research study in which I get one at each visit and the other because my placenta was partially covering my cervix at my 19 wk scan so they want to make sure it had moved around 30-32 wks. If it wasn't for those things I don't think I would have anymore
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    As far as I understand my A/S at 20 weeks was my (3rd and) last, like PP said. I'd listen to the recos of your docs, if they are concerned about something, they will take the necessary measures to keep both you and LO safe.

    And yes, our appointments get closer and closer together as we go on, so they are keeping closer tabs on the progress. Try to relax and trust in your doctor, or, if you don't trust your doctor now, go find one with whom you feel absolutely comfortable.


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    My 20 week anatomy scan was my last ultrasound. I'm not worried.
    Yep, I'm done too if all goes well and I'm thrilled. Why would you even necessarily need another at 35 weeks? My first pregnancy I didn't have any before 20 weeks and still ended up having 5 because I had complications and was high risk. I will be much happier to have a normal pregnancy and have no more ultrasounds.

    So true, be happy and thankful that you don't need more ultrasounds than that. Although having many ultrasounds seems nice in theory, you would have extra ultrasounds because you're high risk which makes you uneasy and stressed. I'll be having my 7th ultrasound in about 2 weeks and I feel concern at every turn. I'd feel much more content to be "normal" and have just the standard number of ultrasounds.

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  • I've been with three practices (one last pregnancy, started with midwives this pregnancy and had to switch to another when we found out it was twins). For all three the standard was one ultrasound the entire pregnancy--the 20 week a/s. I know a lot of OBs will often do an earlier one too. But as far as I know unless you're high risk, it isn't standard to do another ultrasound after the a/s. Every appointment they will be measuring your uterus, and if something seems off they will order another u/s. :) 

    (Of course I am having twins this time round and they are automatically considered high risk for things like slow growth, so my u/s schedule looks a bit different for this pregnancy.) 
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  • I'm going to do a 3D u/s in a few weeks just so I see my LO again, I hate the wait, I won't be getting another u/s either.
  • I'm 21 weeks and I've had 4 so far. I got pregnant with an iud in so my dr just likes to get a peek every so often to make sure the pregnancy the iud are far far away from each other, which they have continued to be. I will have another in 4 weeks again 4 weeks after that. But usually after anatomy scan that's it. Babies have been coming along just fine for hundreds of years without ultrasound. Just relax. Your body will give signs if something is wrong, but hopefully everything will be fine!
  • I get one every two weeks and its only because at my 20 wk appt they discovered I have a shortened cervix so I now see a high risk perinatologist. If I hadn't been switched to a perinatologist, I would have had one at 20 wks then again at 32 wks.
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    I'm going to do a 3D u/s in a few weeks just so I see my LO again, I hate the wait, I won't be getting another u/s either.

    This. If you are worried and just want to see the baby you can go get 3D ultrasounds. Other than that it's usually one or two at the doctors.

    I had more this pregnancy but only when the doctor deemed them important. I was bleeding one time and had bad cramping so they did and ultrasound, and then I had an extra one early on [they usually do your first at 9 or 10 weeks but I did mine at 6 then another at 9 to 10 due to a previous loss.]
  • Yes, you're overreacting. My a/s would have been my last had they not found a low-lying placenta; we go back at 29w,4d for another u/s to make sure it has moved. Since my a/s, my OB has measured fundal height and dopplered the HB, as well as the standard urine test at each visit. Plus, I've felt fairly consistent movement since then (although some days are more active than others). Surprisingly enough, there are other ways of making sure everything is going ok "in there" without an u/s.

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  • In my experience, it really depends on your doctor and if you have any complications. When I was still in California, I had one at each of the three appointments I went to with my OB. He said it was standard practice in his office because they have more women who wait a little longer to get pregnant, and he likes to watch them more closely. I also had two at the beginning of the pregnancy (shortly after my BFP) for really bad cramping, and several in the ER/L&D when my HG was at its worst to make sure the baby was okay...I think that was about 5 times.

    At my doctor's in Iowa, they just do the standard 20 week A/S, so if I hadn't had the crazy quad screen, that would have been my last ultrasound, but I've had three more (two from the perinatologist and one from the ER) since then. My sister who also lives here has just had one, plus a private 3D scan, and my mom who went through her pregnancies here a well didn't have any.

    So it really depends on a lot of different factors. Overall I've had 14...which is absolutely outrageous to me, and some people only have a handful or less.

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  • I have had 3 so far and am having another because LO's kidneys are slightly enlarged. Otherwise I wouldn't have anymore unless the dr was concerned for any reason. You are overreacting.
  • I'm high risk so I get one every 2 weeks until 28 weeks. Then every week until 34 weeks and then 2x a week until I delivery.
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