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Birthday party $ question...

I'm thinking about DS birthday super early because I'm worried I may not have much time to dedicate to it when the time comes (baby will be 6 months old and we will likely be returning to our RE for IF treatments).

I'm wondering how much you would reasonably spend on a child's birthday party?


There's an indoor play house in our area. Think of it like Little Gym or Gymboree but they also have healthy natural food and TONS of toys. We could rent out the whole place for $200 for 2 hours. We would probably have around 10-12 kids at the party. They also charge $12/child which includes food, drink, and balloons. Food includes each kids choice of grilled cheese, turkey roll up, pb&j, or quesadilla plus sides and a drink per kid. Food for the adults would be about $65 for paninis and chips with dip, fruits, and veggies. They have vegetarian options too (some of our friends are veggies). I don't know if that includes any decorations. That adds up to about $400. I can't imagine spending that much on a 4 year olds birthday party! But I'm kind of cheap so who knows... It would be awesome not to have to do any cooking, prep, or clean up though.

Re: Birthday party $ question...

  • $400 is a steal in my opinion.  That being said where I am from, birthday parties are a big deal and we go all out.  I wish I only spent $400.  Everything in my town is super expensive. 

    AND not having to do any of the work?? Priceless.  Go for it!


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  • We are spending $160 for a party room and admission for up to 33 people at our children's museum. We're members, otherwise it would be $200. We have to provide our own food, and we're doing a 10 AM party, so I'll probably spend about $100 on food and packaging, and another $100 on decorations and favors, maybe a more. I'll probably spend another $20 on supplies for the invitations.

    So just under $400, but only because of our member discount. We live in a MCOL city.


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  • There is no way we would do that, but we party at home.  Is there a way to rent the space and just do cake?  If it's midafternoon I wouldn't expect food and it sounds like that would save you a boat load of cash.
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  • $400 sounds reasonable. We're spending $175 for a karate party. It includes 15 kids for an hour of karate. We'll then have to spend the money for food for the party room, which gives us another 1/2 hour. It's $10 per kid if we go over $15 (which will be waved for us because my brother works there; it's not impossible that his boss won't accept any of my money).

    $400 including all the food doesn't sound crazy to me. 

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  • Even without favors, I'm expecting to pay at least 100 bucks (I can do a cheap party really easily, but I don't want to). I think a good cost for us (with decor, food, cake, favors, and gifts for DS) would be about 300-400 bucks.
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  • We had about 30 people over to our house. Between decor and food it was about 300.
  • I'm in  a HCOLA but in a middle class suburb. I choose not to keep up with the Joneses but $400 seems pretty okay for that setup. I think that deal would be more here. 

    There are so many factors. My across the street neighbor just threw a first birthday that included a jump house, face painter, cotton candy machine, full "wedding" tent. It was a bit much but fun. Our finances are tight and I'm planning to spend $200 tops on our first birthday next month. That means: at home, not over a meal, sandwiches/snacks/cupcakes/lemonade, and a sprinkler for kiddos for about 30 people. That's my ideal party, so it just works out that way. 

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  • I spend about 400 for all parties.
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  • DS's parties usually end up around $300

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  • That price sounds pretty reasonable to me.


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  • That sounds a bit high to me, but probably worth it.

    I wanted to do ds's at a venue this year, but he was adamant about wanting to invite playgroup friends AND school friends, and there was no where that would be anything near reasonable.  So we're having it at home, about 25-30 kids (including siblings), and with decorations and food I'm probably spending about $300.


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  • $400 sounds about right.  We have had just small family birthday parties for DS.  When I was looking everything in our area was around $400 and up.  We will have a kid party for DS when he turns 5 and we expect to pay around $400 or so.
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  • Our last couple birthdays, I did $60 for party decor & food plus $60 for gifts.
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  • wow, $400 is out of the question expensive for us, especially if it may not include decorations and then you have to buy invitations, stamps and a cake.  

    We spent about $250 total on everything for our son's 2nd B-day and I thought that was too much but I also felt guilty we didn't do a big party for his 1st - we just had dinner out and cupcakes at home with close family.


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