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Mommy and Me Groups

Have any of you ladies started looking to join mommy and me groups as a way to get out of the house especially if you are going to stay at home with LO?  I've found a few but most are 30 minutes or more away from our house but I think joining one of these groups would help both us have decent socialization during the days, weeks and months to come.

Any BTDT moms that are members of one of these groups?  Do you enjoy being part of one?  What kind of activities/get togethers do they typically have?



Re: Mommy and Me Groups

  • My midwife group will be putting me in touch with other moms in the area I live, and delivered around the same time, so we can start putting together our own meetings.

    Knowing the area, my biggest concern at the moment is just hoping that I'll have some common ground with the other members. 

    Most people I've talked to have found them very helpful, even if it is just to get out of the house.  

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    I haven't attended any yet because we've had visitors, but when our visitors leave I intend to try to attend a few meet-ups I've been informed of in our area. 
  • I have been going to a new mom group as well as a breastfeeding group offered through the hospital. I love getting to interact with other moms since most of my friends don't have kids.
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  • I found a local group on Meet Up and have gone to a couple dinners with a few other pg ladies. Now two of us have babies and we have done a happy hour and brunch this coming Sunday. Once the babies are older we will probably do more play date type activies.
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  • We are going to one on Monday, I am a little nervous as I only know one other mom, however I am sure it will go fine. The mom's all have babies over 6 months though and it is a pool party. I am also going to start going to the library to the mama goose program in September as I have an entire year off with my LO.







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  • I have been to our local breastfeeding moms meet-up event twice. It was nice. Unfortunately most of the people knew each other and while they were friendly most of their babies were older then my LO and were able to interact with one another on the floor where my LO slept the whole time. I like the idea and the interaction, so I think I will go again when LO is a bit older (like 3 months) 

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