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BTDT moms Heartburn/Hair CP

mobile - BTDT moms Heartburn/Hair CP I'm sure everyone has heard the OWT about having a lot heartburn means your baby will be born with a lot of hair. As someone who has heartburn almost every day, I'm curious to hear from BTDT moms and see if this was true for them or not. [Poll]
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Re: BTDT moms Heartburn/Hair CP

  • I had unbearable heartburn with DS (wayyyy worse than it is this time around) and the kid was born with a TON of hair.  This pregnancy the heartburn isn't quite as bad so I'm interested to see how much hair LO will have when he's born.
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  • My SIL had bad heartburn with both of her girls and they we both born looking like members of the Beatles.  
  • If this OWT is true then this baby is going to have a full head of hair!
  • my daughter was hairy from head to toe like a little monkey. My H and I were both born with a lot of hair and my mom had crazy heartburn and his mom didn't have any so I think regardless of heartburn she was going to have a lot of hair. My son should have hair as well, but I'd prefer it if he was a baldy I love bald babies.

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  • I had almost no heartburn with DS.  He had hair, but not tons and he lost it fairly quickly (took almost a year for him to grow it back, lol!).  With this baby, I've had quite a bit more heartburn, so it will be interesting to see.  At my last ultrasound (28 weeks), the tech was already able to point out hair.
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  • This isn't an OWT- they have done several studies now (Im looking for the one that was done at John's Hopkins) and they have proven it to be true.

    And Im sure my kid is coming out with as much hair as Ive got for the amount of heartburn Im having

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  • I had heartburn bad enough that my OB felt it warranted a rx.... And DS was practically bald. Sorry to rain on the parade!
  • No heartburn....TONS of hair!

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  • This was not true for us. My heartburn was way worse with DD and she still doesn't have very much hair at age 20 months. I wish it were true, but not so for us. 
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  • Here is a pic of my son when he was born. I had zero heartburn. 


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  • My baby girl came out with a full head of hair. Her hair was thick and very dark brown. She also had little fuzzy back hair, so she was a pretty hairy baby.

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  • Well I've had a lot of heart burn and ultra sound showed lots of hair!
  • I had horrid heartburn, and when DS was born I asked the doctor "Does he have hair, because I had horrible heartburn." I was very disapopinted when she said "not really, sorry"
  • There is actual scientific evidence regarding the correlation between the amount of heartburn the mother has and the amount of hair the baby is born with. This isn't an OWT anymore.

    In spite of the studies done, I had very little heartburn and DS was born with a head full of hair. I have heartburn almost daily with this little lady and I'd be shocked if she didn't have hair at birth. Both DH and I (as well as DS) had a ton of dark spiky hair at birth.  

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  • I had an average amount of heartburn and DS had an average amount of hair. He lost it after 1-2 mo and had a second loss period around 4-5 mo, so it took him forever to get a real head of hair. 

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  • mcg512mcg512
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    Interesting responses so far,  thanks ladies!  

    Almost all of the OWTs about gender were wrong for us so I'm really curious to see how this one turns out, OWT or not.  61 more days! 

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  • image KaramelSutra:

    Here is a pic of my son when he was born. I had zero heartburn. 


    Thank you KarmamelSutra for the visual -- my DS had about this much hair as this pic and I had a moderate amount of heartburn. Really not one of my main pg symptoms but definitely there in the 3rd tri most days. This one seems the same so far. 

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  • I've been battling heartburn since about 20 weeks.  It is awful.  TUMS worked at first but they don't even touch it now.  My doc told me to start taking Pepic so I've started that and it is working for now.  We asked our U/S tech if she could tell if our babies had hair.  When she looked, she said they have a little but not much that she could we will have to see when they are delivered.  I may just break the wivestale.  :-)

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  • I had heartburn spells with both girls, but definitely not a daily thing. Both girls were born with a small amount of hair, dd2 had more, especially in the back, kind of a mullet, but I had less heartburn with her.

    This time, as long as I don't eat anything red, real or artificial, I haven't gotten heartburn.
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  • I had horrible heartburn and reflux with DS1, and he had just peach fuzz on his head, basically. I was expecting a mop with all that heartburn.
    ETA I barely had any hair when I was born, and I don't think DH had much either.
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  • I had heartburn with both and my second born had a ton more hair than my first.

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  • With DD1, LOTS of Heartburn and hair so long they had to shampoo it twice in the nursery when she went for tests. She came back with a bow in her hair! Dd2 barely had any hair, but again, lots of Heartburn. Didn't have as much Heartburn with my boys, but more with my second boy, who also had a lot of hair. I'm completely suffering now, even on meds, so I'm curious.. Girl with lots of hair? Or will the fates trick me and I'll have a boy with none???

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