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Adelaide or Genevieve

My husband is really in love with the name Adelaide. I used to love it equally, but now I'm having doubts because of the number of little girls with the nn Addie. DH insists that we can call her Adelaide and correct anyone who uses Addie, but I feel like that's a losing battle. 

I am in love with Genevieve. DH likes this name as well, but not as much as Adelaide.

Which do you prefer? Bonus points if you can think of a MN to go with your pick other than Grace, etc. Our last name is 2 syllables and rhymes with "wisely".  

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Re: Adelaide or Genevieve

  • Oh man I love both of those names, but I think I like Genevieve better. Adeline is lovely too.

    For MNs, maybe Genevieve Anne or Adelaide Rose?

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  • I think you can overcome the Addie nickname, especially if your child is on board.  I know plenty of kids who will say "No, my name is Thomas, not Tom."

    But, I love Genevieve.  I'd use that with the nickname Eve in a heartbeat over Adelaide.

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  • I much prefer Genevieve.

    Genevieve Colette

    Genevieve Elise

    Genevieve Estelle

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  • I like Genevieve much better. Depending on your style there are a lot of MN options out there. What about Ann/e, Marie, Rose, Louise, Claire...?


  • I'm with you on this one.  I LOVE Genevieve.  Adelaide is nice but with the Adeline/Addison/Addlayn craze its lost its luster for me. 

    Not that its the best flow, but what about Adelaide in the MN spot?

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  • Adalaide.  I love it.

    Adelaide Faye

    Adelaide Wren

    Adelaide Rose

    Adelaide Gail

    Adelaide Kate

    Adeliade Corrine

    Adeliade Simone

    Adelaide Colleen


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  • I love both, but my vote goes towards Adelaide because one of my favorite teachers ever was named Adelaide. 
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  • Love Adelaide!! We'll never be able to use it though because a very close cousin of mine just named her daughter Adalyn and they are to similar IMO.

    I think Adelaide Claire would be lovely.

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  • Genevieve gets my vote.

    Mn options
  • I prefer Genevieve over Adelaide.  But I think you can totally correct the NN with Adelaide.  If you both love it, you should go for it!


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  • Genevieve for sure!  I've always loved that name.  Plus, I'm just over all the 'Addy' names. 

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  • I am for Genevieve - it's gorgeous!!

     Genevieve Sloan

    Genevieve Brynn

    Genevieve Camille

    Genevieve Elise

  • Genevieve. I'm not great with MNs. 
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  • Adelaide, not a huge fan of Genevieve.
  • I really like them both but of the two, I'd pick Genevieve for the reason you listed. I love Adelaide, but I'm afraid it's going to be lumped with the Addison/Adelyn Addie trend.

    Genevieve Eliza

    Genevieve Christine

    Genevieve Colleen



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  • Genevieve is beautiful! I don't get Adelaide. It's not bad, but it makes me think of Gatorade.
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  • I like the name Adelaide, but I agree that it would get lost in a sea of Addies.

    I would choose Genevieve.


    Genevieve Charlotte

    Genevieve Claire

    Genevieve Elise 

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  • I wouldn't drop Adelaide just because of the Addie trend.  There are lots of other nn options (Adele, Lady, Heidi, Dela, Ada), or she could go without one.

    I think the nn Eve is going to be just as popular as people try to get away from Ella/Ellie/etc.  Most Genevieves I have known go by Ginny or no nn.  I like Nev/Neve or Veva.

    Adelaide Eloise, Ingrid, Vienna,

    Genevieve Michelle, Arden, Marie

  • I am somewhat biased because my DD is Adelaide - we do call Addy sometimes but that doesn't bother me 

     I do love Genevieve though and wish DH would get on board for next baby if its a girl - I like the name Evie as a NN 

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  • I LOVE Adelaide! That's on my name list already because its a city in Australia...hubby and I are BIG travelers. But I haven't heard Genevieve in a while. Love it too. Might even add it to my list.

    Maybe use a family name as the middle. Make it mean something.
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    image Joy2611:

    I think you can overcome the Addie nickname, especially if your child is on board.  I know plenty of kids who will say "No, my name is Thomas, not Tom."

    But, I love Genevieve.  I'd use that with the nickname Eve in a heartbeat over Adelaide.

    I agree with all of this. 

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  • My grandma is Genevieve and she goes by Gen, pronounced Jen.  I think it is a beautiful name. 
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  • I like the feel of Genevieve better. Adelaide sounds too southern for my taste. I like Genevieve Mae 
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    I strongly dislike Adelaide, so Genevieve gets my vote.

    Genevieve Rose.

  • I would go with Adelaide.


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  • LC122LC122
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    My H loves Adelaide, but I have the same issue with nn Addie.
    I prefer Genevieve, but my sister's name is Jenna and I've seen Gena or other spelling variations of the same sounding name and couldn't deal with that. Plus, MIL is Eva and I couldn't risk Eve as a nn either. So, it doesn't work for me even though I otherwise like it.
    Another option for nn's and mn's is to pick a name with an initial that works with the first initial. Like, I know someone with different names but their initials are GG, so she goes by GG or Gigi. So, if you did Genevieve Gail, you could use GG as nn. I'm too tired to think of what other letters that would work with, but good luck!
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