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Finger food ideas

I feel like I am always feeding my LO the SAME THINGS! And I know she's getting sick of it.  I think I've completely ruined her for bananas, lol!!  So, I need help w/ some new finger food ideas.  She's at a stage right now where she will NOT let us feed her.  We currently give her steamed apples, pears, bananas (if she'll eat them), squash, potatoes, cheese (her favorite), broccoli, chicken, pasta, turkey burger, peas and snacky type things like puffs, cheerios, etc.  Maybe I don't feel like this is enough of a variety but if anyone can think of anything else please post. :) Also, she's allergic to peanut butter and we suspect an egg allergy.


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Re: Finger food ideas

  • What do you eat? Feed her that.
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    Not sure how old your LO is, but I would assume between 1 and 2 years old, so I'll base my answer off of the young end. At a year, my LO was eating whatever we ate with the exception of chocking hazards [nuts, etc.] and foods he is allergic too, plus of course we didn't share junk food. Some things we changed the form a bit to make it easier, such as he would get everything from a fajita but not assembled because it was difficult to keep all together. He never let us feed him really. Just about anything can be a finger food, although it may be messy.
  • DD is 14 months and we feed her corn, peas, carrots, chicken, pork, hotdogs, nuggets, deli meat, ham, lots of fruit, cheese, baked fries, pasta, puffs, yogurt, apple sauce (she's learning to use a spoon so those two get messy, but it's a lot of fun), jam sandwiches, quesadillas, eggs when she'll eat them, and we try to give her whatever we're eating so she'll try new things. I also often feel like she doesn't get a huge variety, but I know other babies who eat even less so I figure I'm fine.  I keep introducing new things and some days are better than others.  I think your LO's diet sounds great.  Maybe try adding herbs and spices for flavorings to the things she will eat, then use those same flavors on new things so at least part of it is the same. 

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  • As other post said, we feed DS whatever we have.   He is loving avocado, green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, pancakes right now.  
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  • By that age, she ate what we ate.
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  • For finger foods at one year of age my dd was eating thin apple slices (non-steamed or baked), grated raw carrots, cooked peas and corn, beans fresh out of a can (any kind other than green as she found those hard to chew) and rinsed, grapes sliced in 1/4's, berries fresh or frozen, potato wedges, sliced toast, deli meat, some healthy cereals for a crunchy snack.  Recently I've made toasted chickpeas in the oven and she loves those (lots of online recipes and only take moments to prep and 40 min to bake a batch), crackers with hummus or tuna salad or salmon salad spread on it and broken into smaller pieces.  Feta cheese cubes, chunks of avocado, etc... tons more.  I even tried breaking up some raw spinach leaves and offering them to hear.  She surprised me and loved them and wanted more.  In the last couple months I've added tons more, but you asked for finger foods at your childs age of just over a year.  I hope that helps.
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  • My DS likes whole beans as finger foods (black beans, white beans). Chunks of avocadoes (rolled in smashed cheerios so they are easier to pick up). Watermelon is a new favorite. Chunks of feta cheese. Toast with nut butter (could you do cashew butter?). Piece of whole wheat toast with a little tomato sauce and mozz cheese (baby pizza).
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  • Thanks for all the great ideas!!! The dr confirmed the egg allergy today, how frustrating!
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