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Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome

Anybody else dealing with this? Sometimes my hands are so swollen that I can't make a fist!! They ache and my finger tips go numb all the time. My OB said she was sorry it was happening ending to me. Haha! I can't find anything on the Internet to really help either. Any ideas? 

Re: Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome

  • I had this with my first pg. The pain would shoot up to my elbow. I wore wrist splints every day and that helped a lot. I used heat pads when the pain got bad. It would take a couple days for the pain to subside, but it would. Not much you can do but manage it as best you can.
  • Do you wear a wrist brace at night? I had this with my first and it helped a lot.

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    I have this bad.  The only thing that is helping me is acupuncture and wearing my splints at night. 

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  • Braces at night and iceing them when you can. 

    I go numb from the elbows down. Can barely hold my toothbrush in the morning. :-( On the positive side, my friend who gave birth 2 weeks ago says it went away almost right away after.


  • I had this with my first pregnancy as well. My husband is a Physical Therapist and gave me some wrist exercises to do which helped with the pain and discomfort. Good news is though that literally as soon as I gave birth, the pain went away!
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  • I had carpal tunnel syndrome last year and ended up getting surgery. Definitely wear wrist splints at night, it will help a lot. Also, ice your wrists for the swelling. You can look for YouTube videos that show proper hand stretching techniques too. I hope you find some relief, good luck!
  • I have it and it's terrible. I can barely hold silverware these days. As others have already said, wearing braces at night and icing periodically will help a bit but nothing will really fix it until the baby is born unfortunately.
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  • Mhmmm sadly been suffering from it since around week 35 and it's only gotten worse....party!  The only thing that helps me is soaking in Epsom salt and warm water in the morning and at night....works wonders.


  • I have this right now and braces really help a lot. I hate them especially in the morning where they hurt so much. 
  • mcg512mcg512
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    Ditto what PPs said about braces/splints at night and ice.

    Someone on my BMB suggested trying to sleep without bending your arms (easier said than done) and that has also helped a lot.  DH has been great with rubbing my hands and arms in the morning when the pain is usually the worst.   

    It's not a very pleasant thing to deal with at all.  My OB said it was fairly common however I've never heard of it before now.  Hoping it goes away right after delivery.  Good Luck!! 

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  • I'm dealing with it too and I agree with what PPs have suggested.  Also, try to keep your hands/arms in a "neutral" position whenever possible - ie. wrists/hands straight, not tilting your hands up or down, and avoid sleeping with your hands under you.  
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