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Hi all, 

I figure you all went through this recently and could give some advice on the latest technology. Did any of you use an app on your phone during your labor to time contractions and keep track of them? Did you like the app or dislike it in any way? I am a BTDT mom but we didn't have smartphones when DS was born and we didn't even have an actual timer for the first few hours before my dad stopped by. DH was writing down the times and durations on a sheet of paper. It was incredibly low-tech and sort of a pain in the butt (though we kept the paper for nostalgia purposes!) As cute as the paper was, we decided an app would be better, and now we both have android phones. We also have an iPad so feel free to make apple recommendations, but we are more likely to have a phone on hand and be using that, so I prefer android recommendations. 

Thank you so much and I hope your newborns are all doing well! You will sleep again soon, I promise. It really does get a lot better. ;-) 

ETA: I'm also interested in breastfeeding apps as well! (e.g. when you start feeding, how long it takes, which side, etc.) Even better if it tracks wet/dirty diapers as well. I remember it was a pain to keep track of all of that in the first few weeks and an app would really help!

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