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I've seen a few posts that mention the use of blankies or security blankets.  I'm sure DS would sleep better with something snuggly but I'm terrified because anytime I let him play with bib or burp cloth he puts it over his face and leaves it there.  

When did you introduce it?  After they were able to roll over? TIA!


Re: blankie

  • I give LO a muslin blanket. It's light and breathable so I figure if it ever does get on his face he can breathe but I check on him constantly so I always make sure it's pulled away from his face.
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  • I gave DD a lovey - a little doll without anything that could fall off and choke her. Last night she was hugging it so tight!
  • DS has an A&A security blanket, it's light and breathable so I never worry about it. It really helps him self sooth.

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  • I just started giving DS a lovey - the kind with a stuffed animal head and a small blanket for the body. He doesn't put things over his face though. He just likes to hold onto it. I feel comfortable with him having it now because he rolls and can hold his head up well. He also has his FP seahorse in his crib and has recently started turning it on himself Smile
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  • I give dd a lovey for naps but not at night yet.  I'm still a little nervous.
  • image AllisonS27:
    I give dd a lovey for naps but not at night yet.  I'm still a little nervous.

    Same her except it's a light blanket.  He LOVES napping with it on his face.  I just move it once he's asleep. 

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  • DS doesn't take pacifiers but likes to suck on fabric so I've been giving him a lovey-type thing that friends passed on to us from their daughter.  It is small so I do not worry about him being able to move it.
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  • My DD uses an AA security blanket. I don't worry about it cause they're thin. She likes to rub it on her face and hold it there. She's been sleeping with it for a couple months now. She sleeps on her belly but is able to roll
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  • DD has aden and anais blankets snd security blankets and won't sleep without one. She likes to put it over her face when she plays but she is good at taking it off. She sleeps all night with them not on her face at night though and I never worry about it anymore.
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  • I started giving her a lovey when we deswaddled so shed have something to do with her hands. I just move it away from her face when she falls asleep.

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  • DD and DS have both liked to pull blankets up near their face.  DS eventually graduated to over his head, I'm sure DD is headed the same direction.  

    I started them both out with a blanket right away.  It started out no where near their face when they were tiny, but eventually they're big enough to do with it what they want.  The blankets we use aren't heavy, so I'm not worried about it.  Sometimes DD uses her burp cloth like a blankie and that's pretty small.  Sometimes it's a receiving blanket or a muslin/gauze blanket, which are obviously really light.  Basically as long as it's not heavy enough to really restrict airflow I'm comfortable with it, but that's just me.  By the time they were old enough to intentionally pull things up near their face they were also old enough to have good head control and turn their head if necessary.  

    Before I go to bed at night I pull the blanket away from DD's face since we're both going to be sleeping for hours.  I don't worry about it during naps.   

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  • A and A muslin security blanket definitely.  Bonus** they come in a set of two so you'll always have one in play while one is out of commission in the wash. 

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