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My DS is chewing on his hands like crazy today!! Of course I've seen him do this before but right now he is laying here aggressively trying to shove his fists into his mouth and chew on them! Sign of teething??
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Re: Teething????

  • My lo has been doing the same..I was told its because they are discovering their hands..she will state at her hand for two min then shove it in her mouth like she is mad at it lol
  • It's just a sign that he has found his hands and is a way to soothe himself. DS started this at 7 weeks with a ton of drool
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  • My LO was doing this same exact thing plus drooling.  At his pedi appointment he said that he can definetly see the imprint of his teeth but they wont break through for a while that this is common.


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  • I've just never seen him shove his fists in with such force and almost yell like he's mad while doing it! I was laughing so hard!! I tried to put my finger in there to feel around and he went crazy chewing on that!
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  • Eating their hands can be hunger, playing, or teething - you never know! With Charlie, he started teething at just about 3 months. It was not cool.

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