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Ikea exploding glass

Just thought I'd share what we got to wake up to this morning! We have an Ikea dresser in the nursery, the Malm 6 drawer dresser with a glass top (we don't use it as a changing table, I just had clean clothes on top).

anyways, this morning the glass top EXPLODED.  Like, not just cracked or shattered but full on exploded into every corner of the room. Every single surface of the room is now covered in glass. Nothing fell on it, and it only had a pile of baby clothes on it. A quick google search shows that ikea glass has actually exploded several times, as there were numerous articles about this very same thing happening to a lot of people. Some people even have videos of it exploding!

 Thank God he still sleeps in our room. I'm so angry I don't know how I'm ever going to feel like I got every single little piece picked up. 

Just wanted to share. I know it's certainly not the norm, but I definitely won't be buying glass from ikea anymore.  I'm mad I even had glass in the nursery at all. 

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