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How far away do you live from your ob?

This is a little bit of a random question, but my DH and I recently moved.  I have gone to the same obgyn for 7 years.  I like them and I had an appointment yesterday with his new CNM and I really like her. They are great when I have questions or need anything. We don't have children yet, but when we do, I would love to go to them. The problem is that they are about 50 minutes to an hour away without traffic. I'm just thinking if I would want to spend that amount of time in the car when in labor.  I don't really care right now for a once a year trip and it isn't far from work.

How far away do you travel?

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Re: How far away do you live from your ob?

  • I live 5 minutes away, but I still went to them when I lived 45 minutes away. I love my OB. 

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  • I live 10 mins away, work about 35 minutes away.  I also really like my OB.  For some women that distance is normal. 

    Personally, labor is uncomfortable no matter where you are and I'd rather stick with an OB I'm comfortable with and stick it out in labor another 30 extra mins or whatever.  Doesn't hurt to try to find one closer that you feel comfortable with but I'd do that now.

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  • About 30 minutes away.  I went with that practice because it is affiliated with the hospital (same network; makes things easier for records etc..) and that hospital is only a mile away from the office.

    The only downside is its downtown which means traffic can be a issue, but I try it to schedule appointments until after 9 so I skip the commuter traffic. 

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  • I think 50 minutes wouldn't be that bad depending on your situation. Like a PP said, labor is uncomfortable no matter what.

    For me personally, 50 minutes is too far because I have other medical factors that affect me, so I don't want to be too far from the hospital when we're ready to have another child.  Currently I drive about 20 minutes and that's with traffic, so it's pretty quick.


  • The doctor I see is about 45 to 50 minutes away with out traffic, I absolutely love everyone there. they are very on top of things with me being high risk so to me they are worth every minute of the drive.
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  • I'm not sure what an obgyn is, but I'm guessing some sort of doctor. In which case I live a couple of minutes away from my local GP's surgery, about 10 minutes by car away from the hospital and about the same distance away from the childrens centre where the midwives are based.
  • He was in a town 1.5 hours away (highway driving). I would have drove fro a full day to see him though. 

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  • I live about 30-45 minutes away from my obgyn (depending on traffic). I've been going to her for 8 years and she even did my laparoscopic surgery a year and a half ago. I really like her and I can't imagine changing docs, but I too struggle with the idea of trying to get to her affiliated hospital if/when I become pregnant and later go into labor. I think I'm just going to stay with her and hope all goes well.
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  • My OB/MW (and now MFM) practices are all about 3 minutes from my office, but about an hour from my house. I've been with the midwives for ~7 years now and it's never been an issue.
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  • I live about 20 minutes away and work 2 minutes away
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  • How far are you from the hospital you would be delivering at? I think this is more important. Also if you plan to get pregnant while working would you be able to take a 3 hour break to go for check ups (one hour drive each way + appointment?)

    I'm about 10 minutes including any traffic. The office is right outside of the hospital so that eases worries for me. Many women in my family have had very fast deliveries (1-2 hours is the norm) so I want to be pretty close. It all depends on your comfort zone really... there are plenty of women who are over an hour from a hospital so it's not really a huge deal as long as long as your pregnancy doesn't have any complications. 

  • If there were no leaves on the trees and I stood on the right corner of our deck, I could see my OB's office and my hospital.

    I work 50 miles away though. 

    The labor part I could get over. The weekly visits at the end of pregnancy would get a bit annoying, but if you click with your provider and they are exactly what you are looking for, then you have to decide if that drive is worth it. 



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  • I live 20 minutes from my ob.
  • From my OB, I live about 30-40 minutes away depending on traffic, and the hospital he delivers at is about 45 minutes away. I'm also about 7-10 minutes away from school. I don't mind the drive unless traffic is super bad, which it usually isn't. But I love my OB and wouldn't change even if there was another office right outside on my door step. 
  • My OB is 45 minutes away.  We would have to drive at least 20 or 30 minutes to the nearest hospital regardless of where my OB is though because there isnt one closer.


    ....but yes, being that far away makes me nervous. 

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