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I'm a FTM and I am strongly considering cloth diapering (much to the chagrin of my mom, who will be providing daycare).  The problem is, I'm doing so because we're on a pretty tight budget and I'm a little nervous of the start up cost.  Could any of you ladies provide some insight about what I will need to get started/last me with cloth diapering? I know there's more to it than just some diapers and inserts, so please help me! Both my husband and I will be working full-time and so please consider that..since we won't be the ones dealing with the diapers during the days and may not be able to do laundry every day. Thank you all!

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  • The cheapest option for CDing is flats and covers and prefolds being just a little more expensive (flats are one size, prefolds are sized), however if your mom is already side-eyeing CDing I don't think she will want to deal with folding.  For NB diapers, I've heard a lot of ladies like Kawaii Pure and Naturals.  They are pocket diapers so you will have to stuff the inserts but all your mom will have to do is put on and take off your LO just like a disposable.

    Ladies also like them because they are extremely affordable.

    For your OS stash, look at Alva pocket diapers.

    Also extremely affordable, they are pocket diapers.  Many also like the bamboo inserts that Alva sells.

    You can definitely get away with washing EOD if you get enough diapers.  I'm doing the prefold/flat/cover route but I have a stash of 36 diaper changes.  I've heard some get away with 24 NB diapers but I'd rather have a few more in case there is a day that LO burns through a ton and I'm stranded with just a few while the others are washing.  

    For OS diapers, you can have a comfortable stash of 24 since diaper changes slow down.  


    For accessories, you will need some place to put dirty diapers (wetbag or pail liner/trashcan, and a few of those so you have a clean one on hand while the other is in the wash), CD friendly diaper cream (coconut oil, CJ's BUTTer, Grandma El's, etc.), cloth wipes (I made my own by upcycling an old flannel sheet), and whatever detergent you want to wash your dipes in (for me it's Tide)


    Sorry this was so long!  To learn more about CDs, definitely check out the 7 part Cloth Diapering 101 series on YouTube, check out the FAQ at the top of the board, and lurk the board. 

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  • I agree with PP. I just bought my start-up stash of cloth diapers, and it basically included everything that she said. I got 36 prefolds, 4 diaper covers, diaper cream, 2 wet bags, and 30 cloth wipes for about $150, which I thought was a good deal. We already had Rockin Green detergent that was given to us by a friend who is very into green cleaning, so that was nice. I used if that helps at all. They have some good package deals, which was how I got the prefolds and covers for cheaper. 
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  • I can't tell how far along you are, it doesn't sound like baby is here yet.

    But you could put away 50 / mo that you would spend on disposibles during pregnancy. And slowly add more aio or pockets that way. These are more user friendly to daycare providers.

    You could use the prefolds and covers as a way to cover the gap and as a buffer for laundry day.
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