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Anterior Placenta?

Does anyone else have an anterior placenta?  I didn't really begin to feel the baby move until about week 25ish (I'm 27 weeks now), and even now it's very limited, I still don't feel her move often.  I know that because the placenta is up front, instead of in the back where it normally is, it's blocking a lot of movement, and last doctors appointment I was at, her heartrate was 130, which is normal, so I know I shouldn't be too worried but I can go through a whole day with only really feeling her move once, which worries me.  Anyone else going through this, too?  Or have any advice to helping my nerves?


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Re: Anterior Placenta?

  • scm306scm306
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    I have an anterior placenta and I have the same problem with not feeling much.  What I can feel is so minimal I I'm normally not even sure whether it's gas or the baby.  But his hear rate is good at every appointment and my doctor said she could feel him pushing against the doppler at my last appointment (I just couldn't feel it) so I'm taking what I can get :)  I'm hoping it'll get stronger in the next few weeks, which my doctor reassures me it will, so I'll be happy when we get there!  

  • You are not alone.  I feel my LO kick me on my sides. I am 28 wks, and I think in the past week I have started to finally see movement from the outside, not a lot just when he gets a good kick/punch in. As LO gets bigger I think you will start to notice more movements.
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  • I have an anterior placenta. I am petite and started feeling movement around 22 weeks. My movement I still described as muffled. I sometimes feel like he is kicking something - possibly the placenta. I feel him more when I lay on my side so maybe you can give that a try. I usually lay in bed and read the Bible really loud and Daddy has a song that I play for him. All just to feel some muffled movement. I suggest that you just relax. The last thing you want for your princess to feel is stress. All is well in there just some added suspense for the first meeting.
  • I have the same issue so I talked to the doctor! They said it was completely normal. I am now 31 weeks and have felt him a lot more but they did say that ill only feel him when he's around the outter edge of my belly which seems like where I feel the most. I didn't feel him move till about week 25 but don't worry it's all normal!
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    I had one with my first child.  The doctor was having issues finding the heartbeat up to 28 weeks, but I believe most of the other docs were going from the front and not from the side.

    if you are worried throughout the day, you can do your kick counts and you should be able to feel the baby move, even with an anterior placenta.  

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  • I had one with my first and also this baby.  Anytime I get a little nervous I just drink some cold OJ, lay down for about 5-10 mins and he starts moving like crazy!

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  • I have one and I'm 30 weeks and 4 days and yesterday was the first day I realized while laying down and looking at my stomach that he moves a WHOLE lot and I just don't feel all of it! I watched my belly jump and contort for like 15 minutes and didn't feel any of it. I would have never known it was happening.
  • I had one with DD but this time it's posterior. I can tell you that sometimes I really miss having that extra cushion to soften the blow from those super sharp knees and elbows. So it can bevdonethingvto be grateful for b

  • I have one and I talked to my Dr about it last week because I wasn't feeling much either.  Mainly I feel it on the sides or very low and it's more of a tumbling feeling than kicks.  She said it's nothing to worry about at all.  On the bright side, she thought it was probably the reason I don't get woken up by kicks at night...I just can't feel them!  She also said your hand is a lot more sensitive than the inside of your belly so by resting your hand on your abdomen you may actually feel more movement on the outside than what you do on the inside.  

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  • I haven't been told I have an anterior placenta but most of the kicks I feel are on the side and like PP my whole belly will move from kicks and punches and if I wasn't looking at my belly lookin all crazy I wouldn't have any idea! Even sitting in an u/s the tech will tell me she's kickin me like crazy and I feel nothing.
    I'm 30 weeks almost 31 and just started feeling more consistent movement here in the last 3 weeks. I wouldn't worry, but orange juice or milk and Layin on my side and being quiet will sometimes provoke baby girl to get kickin. :o
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  • Totally normal. I have one too and freaked out the other night. My ob sent me to the hospital for reassurance. The placenta along with a good amount of fluid block me from feeling her having the dance party she seems to be having in utero!  I'm almost 28 weeks and have been feeling her a bit more and they told me as she gets bigger I will feel more. 
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  • I too have an anterior placenta. Hubby bought me a doppler to help calm my nerves, when I couldn't feel the baby move as much. Sometimes I go for days without feeling anything. Most recently though I've been feeling him kick my left side. Husband has also been able to feel baby kick.
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