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makeup recommendations?

I have a lot of facial redness lately and I have been covering up using a Maybelline foundation that is working well.  Is this kind of product even safe during pregnancy?  I'm normally not a huge makeup wearer and I worry that there may be all kinds of chemicals in this stuff.  Are there other makeup products or companies that I should be using that make a good foundation that can cover up my skin issues? 
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Re: makeup recommendations?

  • I haven't changed any of my makeup products since I got my BFP.  I use Almay's Smart Shade foundation that I like a lot.  Then I use a concealer by Cover Girl, I think.  I also like the Bare Minerals/Essentials line but I needed something heavier to cover up all this pregnancy acne.
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  • rlyttlerlyttle
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    Bare Minerals is awesome!!
  • Use MAC products they work wonders
  • I use Make Up For Ever foundation and NARS concealer because of they provide good coverage and makes my skin look awesome. Definitely not planning on changing my makeup.  :D
  • I mostly lurk on this board. I'm Megan, I'm due 12/15. I wanted to comment on this post. Makeup is my job, I've been doing it for 10 years. I may be able to help :

    The main things you want to watch out for ingredient wise are retinol and salycilic acid. There's also benzoyl peroxide, but that's not as big of a no no.

    Most makeup doesn't contain these ingredients. If it does, it would be pretty obvious. It would probably be a treatment product as well as a concealer.

    If you're getting the coverage you want, continue using the product. If you're not, look into Laura Mercier Secret Camolflage or Bobbi Brown Concealor. Those are two of my favorites.

    Good luck!
  • KFiori1KFiori1
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    I use Bare Minerals.
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    Use MAC products they work wonders

    Other Steph is right, MAC is amazing. Nothing else compares to it. I'm a
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