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C Section incision question

Title: c section incision question

So I am 2 weeks and a little after having my c section. I noticed that I have a fair size bump above my incision. It is about the size of walnut and is sore. It's not red or anything but for sure hurts. Is this just scar tissue? Does anyone else have this on theirs? I'm not sure if its worth a doctor app and I can't call my doctor sadly.


Re: C Section incision question

  • joolz17joolz17
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    Is it along the entire incision? If so, it's probably scar tissue. Do you normally have keloid scars (the raised scar tissue)? 

     As long as it's not oozing or sensitive to the touch or bright red, there probably isn't any urgent concern. 

    I'm guessing you have an appointment with the dr at about a month post-c-section, right? As long as it doesn't get any worse, I'd just wait for the appointment. 

  • babykuzbabykuz
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    I would call your doc, they might want to see you sooner. Hernia is more common after a csection so I would get it seen just to rule that out.
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  • I had some bumps below in my groin and in my arm pit. I was told its my lymph nodes filtering out everything and they went away after a few days. They hurt but were not red.
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