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Counting Contractions

How far apart should contractions be to warrant a hospital visit??


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Re: Counting Contractions

  • Anything over 4-5 in an hr.
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  • For a certain amount of hours?? Or just a single hour


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  • tjtandetjtande
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    I was told at my appt today, 5 min apart for at least an hour.
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  • I have been told to call the midwife following the 5-1-1 rule - 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long each, for 1 hour

  • I've been wanting to know... how painful does a contraction have to be, if it fits the other criteria. Mine have always fizzled out, but I have had them very consistently that were uncomfortable (and over a minute) but not super intense.
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  • During my previous labor I never really had the pattern of contractions that people describe to expect (every 5 minutes for an hour, etc.). If they have gotten more intense and closer together, I'd call your doctor or midwife and ask for guidance.
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  • If you think your having contractions call labour and delivery and describe them and they will tell you the right time to come in. That was my drs advice when I asked this yesterday

  • 511 Rule.

    5 minutes apart.
    Lasting one minute total.
    You must go on this way consistently for an hour.

    Why didn't your doctor tell you what they want you to do?
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  • My doctor told me last night to hold off until I was incredibly uncomfortable before going in...but I'm also trying to labor at home as long as I can. 
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  • I was told for a first time Mom 4-1-1 (Every 4 minutes, lasting 1 minute for at least 1 hour).  I found a contraction counter for my iphone and it really helped.  I could just carry it around with me and didn't have to really think about it.  It's great for when you get to the hospital too because then they can see the whole picture of whats been going on.
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  • I think people have different instructions depending on your ob.  So I think you should call and ask your dr.  FWIW, my dr told me, 5 minutes apart, lasting more than 10-15 seconds, for at least an hour Or if the water breaks. 


  • I was given the 5-1-1 rule to. It did not involve a hospital visit but a call. They were able to determine more from just talking to me during the contraction. Everyone is different just like pp stated. Don't hesitate to call it will immediately put your mind at ease.
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  • clizhclizh
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    Most OBs follow the 5-1-1 rule.

    5minutes apart (from start to start), lasting 1min a piece, for 1 hour straight.

    Call your OB and see what they recommend. 

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