Two Under 2

What do I need?

Hi girls
Just found out I am pregnant with number two. Total surprise but we are excited. My son is 15 months. My question is:

Will I need two of everything? Meaning:

New crib?
Double stroller?
Another changing table?

He will be 22 months when baby 2 gets here. When do they move to toddler beds?
Is there any hope for me that a baby can be potty trained before 2 or this is just not realistic?

Any advice for me? Please share your experiences

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Re: What do I need?

  • My boys are 19 months apart.  I haven't been able to get my ticker changed but I have a 2 week old right now and a 19 month old.

    We went with another crib. DS1 sleeps way too well in his and he can't get out yet. Both of the boys beds came with rails so we'll switch them when they are ready.  I don't want to force anyone to grow up more than they are ready for.

    We got a double stroller. I went with lightweight, but I didn't get one to use as a travel system since I'm planning on baby wearing LO2 for shorter trips.  I got a Valco Snap Duo that is super easy to use.(FWIW that stroller can be used as a travel system-but it's lighter than the Maclaren that I was looking at.) You may be able to use a sit-n-stand since your LO will be closer to 2.

    I didn't get a changing table. We ended up using oak furniture we already had for this LO and buying a crib to match. His dresser is the changing table.

    Potty training before 2 is not realistic. I don't know of anyone who attempted this.


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  • Mine are 13.5 months apart, but my oldest is at the age that yours will be when #2 arrives.

    We went with a second crib, and still at 22 months DS#1 is in it. We have two cribs exactly the same, they turn into toddler beds and then into full beds, so it wasn't a big risk..we knew they'd use them a long time.


    Double stroller we very much use now with both the kids. I have a britax b-ready for trips to sores. It's great since it is a tandem, it isn't very wide. Also, it's seats are completely removable which is great when the time comes that I only need one in the stroller, or need two again! We also have a schwinn double jogger that is our rugged stroller, and used for morning runs with the kids.

    We have a changing table with #1, but never really used it. Just a mat on the floor, but we did have a changing "station" in  both kids rooms.

    Potty training, I think the child has to be ready for it, it isn't something I plan on pushing too early on. DS#1 has no real interest in the potty yet, at 22 months old.

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    My 2 are also 13.5 months apart, so we definitely went with 2 cribs. I just wanted to weigh in on the crib and potty training things. My oldest will be 3 in August. She is still in a crib and refuses to potty train. At the rate we are going my youngest (20 months) will be potty trained before her. We also went with the cribs that convert into full sized beds, so it wasn't a waste for us to buy 2. 

    Also, we got 2 changing tables and never used the 2nd one. It was such a waste!

    As for a double stroller, we still use it at least a couple of times a week. We had the City Mini double but once my oldest reached 2, we switched to the Sit N Stand double with 2 seats. It's worked out really well.  

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    I suggest making things as easy on yourself as possible for the first few months/last tri. I would get a second crib, if for nothing else than to have a safe place to contain an active toddler, and only have one child to handle in the middle of the night. As for potty training, I would play that by ear, but do remember that she may regress when the new baby comes. You'll probably be more tired in the third tri this time than last, having to chase around a toddler. Don't make things harder/more stressful for yourself. Enjoy your last few months of your toddler getting your full attention.

    I got a second table because the boys are in two rooms and to save my back. There is also a third one in the downstairs bathroom where we spend most of your day, so I didn't have to carry my oldest up the stairs while PG or bring both kids upstairs to change diapers.

    I bought my double right before #2 came, so I'd have a better idea of how big my toddler would be and his interest in being in the stroller. I have a Britax B agile double and I LOVE it.

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  • I got another crib that coverts to a toddler bed because I plan on buying bunk beds in a few years. [my almost 3 year old is still happy in his crib, I am in no rush to switch him to a toddler bed.]

    Since your LO will be close to 2, I would get a sit n stand, I have a joovy ultralight. [Though having a side by side is great for all day excursions or long walks.]. I only have 1 changing station, they share a room.

    I think 27 to 33 months is a more realistic time to potty train, though many children train before and after that time.
  • My girls are 19 months apart. We did not get a second crib - we kept DD2 in a PNP in our room and left DD1 in the crib until 23 months, then switched her to a toddler bed. At that point DD2 was almost 6 months and we moved her from the PNP in our room to the crib.

    A double stroller was and sometimes still is very necessary for us. I used it a lot to shop, go to dr appts, of go for walks in the neighborhood when DD2 was very small. As she got older I didn't need it for day-to-day stuff, but it is still nice to have it places like the zoo where they both get tired of walking and want to ride for a while.

    We never had a changing table for just one, so definitely didn't get a second. We had a changing pad or thick blanket on top of the dresser in the nursery as one changing station and kept diapers/wipes in a basket in the living room for a second changing station.

    Move to toddler bed depends on the kid. DD1 moved at 23 months without an issue. DD2 is more of a wild child, we will likely wait until a few months past her 2nd birthday to move her out of the crib.

    I personally wouldn't try to push potty training before the new baby is born. 22 months is young for potty training, and the birth of a new sibling often causes a regression. I would wait until a few months after #2 is born to give potty training a try, but that's just my opinion.  

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    Mine are 17 months apart.

    We borrowed a second crib.

    Only one changing table. I change both boys in the nursery so both boys diapers are all in one room. This has made things very easy for me because I feel like it contains diapers.. If that makes sense.

    We haven't gotten a double stroller yet but it's on our list and we will be getting it soon. I wasn't in a huge hurry but wanted it closer to when DS2 could sit with support.

    I bought a k'tan and it has saved my life. I didn't wear DS1 ever but it's been amazing. It allows him to nap, me to cook dinner, play with DS1, go on walks, shop.. I could go on!

    I personally don't think I would try and tackle potty training. My sister has been working on her just turned 2 year old [she also has an 11 month old] and she has said it's been a nightmare bc he wasn't ready. I've heard from people whose kids expressed interest, then they potty trained and it went a lot more smoothly.


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    You guys are great. Thanks so much!!!!!
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  • My 2 are 18months apart.  Here's my opinion.

    Crib- This seems to have people split 50/50 around here, so it comes down to personal preference.  We moved DD to her new big girl room with a twin bed after DS was born.  He was in our room for about 5months anyways.  We moved her about 2months after he was born (so it wasn't too much change at once).  She was 20months at the time.  Overall the transition wasn't bad except we did have to lay with her to fall asleep for the first few weeks.

    Changing Table- No I would not bother getting a 2nd.  DD rarely woke up at night so there was really no need for her to have one in her room.  I did use a changing pad on the floor downstairs so I didn't have to carry 2 kids upstairs constantly during the day.  I also got a 2nd diaper pail so I could have one upstairs and downstairs.

    Rocking Chair- You didn't ask about this, but I wanted to mention it.  We didn't have to pay for it (I wouldn't have gotten another one if I had to pay) but my mom gave us an extra glider from her house.  So we have 1 glider and ottoman in each bedroom.  This is actually really nice and I'm glad it worked out that way.  Kids have different bedtimes so its nice to have a chair in each room.  Older DD still likes to sit on your lap for bedtime stories.

    Double Stroller- Yes, I believe this is essential especially since your DS will be under 2.  Granted he may not always want to ride b/c they get more independent.  But there will be so many times when you will in fact need it.  Example- you take both kids to the playground.  Baby chills in the stroller, DS runs around and plays.  When it's time to go home, he doesn't want to leave and throws a fit.  Can you imagine carrying him home kicking and screaming if you only had a single stroller?  Also keep at least 1 single stroller.  I was so glad we had multuiple stroller options.  DH and I would often split up and go places each with 1 kid.  It was nice to each have a single stroller to take.

    I would also recommend getting an Ergo.  I got one and loved it!  I would put DS in it so I could carry him around when we took DD to the playground, childrens museum, zoo, etc.  It was really comfortable and easy to use.

    Potty training- No I would not recommend it.  It's rare for kids to PT before 2yrs anyways plus the stress of a new baby.  Even if he were to PT before LO was born he would likely regress.  As someone who has recently been through PTing I can tell you there are a lot of moments of Mommy I have to go potty right NOW!  I can't imagine that working well when you are busy BFing an infant constantly. Honestly 2 in diapers is not bad at all, and its much easier to change a diaper then use a public restroom when you are out places.  We went to the park a lot when I was on ML. I would change both kids diapers in the car a lot. Public bathroom was frequently a portapotty. I would not want to deal with that.

    Good Luck and welcome to the club!

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  • It is my opinion that you should not push your older child because you are pregnant with another baby.

    So, my question for you is:

    Would you potty train a 1 year old if you weren't pregnant?

    Would you put a 22 month old in a toddler bed if you weren't pregnant?

    You get the idea...

    Mine are 16 months apart.  We had two cribs.  DD just wasn't ready to be out of her crib and honestly, the last thing I wanted with a newborn baby was my 16 month old wandering the halls.  Keeping her contained was a huge plus.  We ended up taking down the rail when we decided she was ready and it had nothing to do with DS.  FWIW, she converted at about 2 and a half.  DS converted right at 2.

    We have never had changing tables - just low dressers that we could use with a changing mat.  So we obviously have two of those. 

    I did buy a few double strollers.  I have a BOB Duallie and had a Baby Jogger City Select.  I used both all the time and was thankful for them.  I needed very convenient ways to get around with both of them alone because DH was deployed for most of DS's first year.  So I was doing 2u2 solo.

    One of the reasons 2u2 can be expensive is that you do double up on more stuff than average people with the 3 year spacing.  I am pregnant with #3 and find I have almost too much baby stuff because DS and DD were babies together and I needed two high chairs, two cribs, two diaper genies, etc. Even though I am expecting, I find myself selling baby gear :).

    Bottom line: Do not push your older child for the sake of your younger one. It isn't fair and it will make you feel guilty. Go with the flow. If your older one happens to potty train freakishly early - yay you.  If they start climbing out of the crib and a bed makes sense before your baby is born - yay you. Otherwise, just accept that you will likely have two in diapers for a fair amount of time and two cribs to sell one day.


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  • QmommyQmommy
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     First, my girls are 18 months apart and DS will be 19 months younger than DD2.

     Crib: personal decision: we moved both girls into twin beds at 16 months with no problems.  They were never pushed to grow up because I was pregnant, a bed is a bed, is a bed. I moved both girls about 2-3 months before the next arrived (or will arrive).  I'm happy with the transition and the fact I don't need to buy another crib.  I may decide to transition DS at 16 months too even though he will be our last.  Who know?

    Changing table: I bought a second changing table before DD2 was born but it's really not needed.  I used both but we could have gotten away with just one.

    double stroller:  I love my double bob but I would wait until after the baby is born to decide if you need one for your family.  I wore DD2 when she was an infant all the time.   

    Potty training: you can always dream that he will be ready but save yourself the trouble and extra laundry if he's not showing signs. 

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    I read all the comments hoping someone else would mention this, but no luck, so here goes.
    Have you ever heard of Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training or a couple other similar terms?
    As it turns out, the rest of the world doesn't wait until their kids are two or three to potty train. My nephew still wasn't done at 4. Basically, compared to a lot of other cultures, we "diaper train" our kids and then have to untrain that and then potty train.
    There are a couple books out there: The Diaper Free Baby, Diaper Free, Infant Potty Training.
    I know "The Diaper Free Baby" talks about starting with a one year old. The author just discovered the concept when her oldest was 1, but started her second child earlier.
    Anyway, we did this with my daughter from the time she was a couple months old. It has saved us a fortune in diapers. She is not 17 months and still wears diapers but also makes it to the potty about 4 or more times a day. And we haven't been hard core about it at all. We stopped completely when she had that viral GI upset that was going around. Then restarted when the time seemed right.
    Anyway, all this to say that it is possible to potty train, at least partially, before age two. Our daughter will be 21 months when our second arrives and I'm kind of wondering if doing EC with number 2 will even inspire number 1. There is a difference between being potty trained and potty independent. My daughter still needs help getting clothes and diaper off, but now that she is more verbal and mobile, she can tell me when she needs to go and get herself to the bathroom. Especially during my first trimester, any poo poo in the potty that wasn't a diaper I had to smell was so worth all the effort. And did I mention how much we have saved on diapers?
    I thought it was crazy when I first heard about it, but I saw a kid a few weeks older than my daughter do it and thought, if he could do it, she could do it. I was right. You just think of it more as a nofail system and every potty is a success and every diaper is one you would be changing anyway.
  • My second is due in july so we are getting things together now. My son is 19 months and has been in a toddler bed for about two weeks. He is doing so well in it. he actually sleeps more soundly and wakes up happier! We are waiting to potty train until after the baby comes. Next up is getting rid of the bedtime water sippy cup!
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