They won't stop...

They're starting to sleep through the night now... and every time they do, I have harmoniously bored and noisy babies ALL DAMN DAY LONG. They babble, then they whine, then they scream their bloody heads off. They are not content to eat, swing, or lay about. They want to be held and entertained. But, I'm at work full time now, and until my sister finishes moving out here next week, the boys are at work *with* me. Was going great up until the last couple of weeks. Now I'm going batty. OMFG make the bored babies stop!!!
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Re: They won't stop...

  • saracksarack
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    oh no. i don't have advice, just hugs!
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  • dganczdgancz
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    I do not know if the search function works, but try looking for old posts about four months old. It seems there were a few of them a while back. It seems to be an age were they need more entertainment.

    Have you started using an excasaucer or some sort of seat for them.

    Do they do well with the activity mat.

    Good luck. 

  • No advice but I am with you!! My boys aren't sleeping through the night completely but now only up once instead of 3 times. During the day they want to be held and that seems to be the only time they are totally happy. They get bored with the play mat, kick piano mat and the PNP with singing stars so quickly while before they loved it for long enough for me to get ready, have breakfast and wash bottles at least. I just went out and bought a jumperoo and exersaucer which they're still too little for but can probably use in a month or so. Good luck! I can't imagine having them at work with me.
  • jcathjcath
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    I remember the activity mat getting really popular then, also do you have a crib mobile - mine would like to watch that. Could you sit them in a bouncy seat looking out the window?

    I also used Pandora on  my ipad and played kid music for them - it really soothed them. 


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