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Don't waste formula

We were wasting so much formula because the package says to throw out any unused formula after LO starts eating. I asked our Ped about this and she said that we can put it in the fridge after LO stops eating and use it again for the next time. She said we can only do this once. Just wanted to share in case others were wasting a lot of formula as its not cheap. :)

 I don't know if it makes a diff, but I serve LO room temp formula (mix with bottled water that is sitting on counter). I then put left over in fridge and warm it up (so I am only warming up the formula once if there is any left over).

Re: Don't waste formula

  • We do the exact same thing. If we didn't, we'd waste a lot over time because LO will eat anywhere from 2 to 4 ounces in a sitting. So when I make a couple 4 ounce bottles and he only eats 2, I save it for next time. It helps us save a lot.
  • Thanks for posting this! I'm sick of wasting formula.
  • Hallelujah!!!! I am so sick of wasting formula
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  • We were using the leftovers, too, until our doctor told us not to!  Oops!  Said it could get bacteria.  I hate wasting it but don't want to take any chances.


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  • I had this conversation with the doctor a couple weeks ago. I asked if the "dump it out if it's been more than an hour" thing was real, or if that was a ploy to sell more formula. He laughed and said as long as it was within like half a day we'd be fine. Of course if you have a LO with low immunity or something like that, it could be a different story.
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  • This is when you make smaller bottles. If lo takes two to four oz, make a two oz bottle, feed, wait a moment to see if the last two oz are needed. Sometimes, I will make a six oz bottle then split into two three oz bottles before feeding.

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  • I always save it in the fridge also.
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  • We use a formula pitcher so I make 28oz at once and put it in the fridge.  I have to warm it up then once I go to give it to Jack.  Can I still save it if it's been warmed? Because then it will be going Cool, warm, cool, warm.  I always thought it was two hours that formula was good for once they started drinking it... ops! Oh well, LO has been fine and I've been using two hour old formula that he has left over since his birth! 
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