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NBR: teachers and subs come in

I have been a marketing director for 15 years but. recently i have had a strong pull toward the road not taken. I was an elementary ed and early childhood double major for 3 years until I changed. I always wished I hadn't and toyed with the idea of going back to get a teacher degree.Fast forward to my new situation of looking for something to do part time when baby gets here instead of returning to a full time job. I thought about substituting, it would give me an insight into different grades and to let me see if it is really all I have built up in my mind. However, when i talk to teacher so many of them are eh about it. i don't know if they are burned out but, they hate the bureaucracy of teaching and seem to wish me luck when I talk about subbing. I do have a few friends that sub and they like it. What are your thoughts? Particularly subs out there, do you love it or hate it? Why? Teachers do you go to work most days glad you picked that path. No one is happy all the time so that isn't what I am looking for just a fulfilling career that i enjoy more day then not.

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Re: NBR: teachers and subs come in

  • I have a year of teaching under my belt and after moving states a year of subbing. Subbing is so much easier. You get to come in know some of the students and skip the parents and principals. Teaching really is annoying with all the test and forms and what not. I think you should try subbing and see what you think. I always thought I wanted to teach high school but middle school is my favorite. I also wondered about elementary... but after a few days subbing I know its not my passion. It pays horriable though... There would be no point in subbing if you have to pay for child care.
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  • LBeez13LBeez13
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    I taught for the past 2 years(1st and 2nd grade) and I absolutely loved it. Of course there were bad days and overwhelming days but it was that moment with one student that would make it all worth it. I am now a high school counselor and love what I do but I still miss the close relationships that teachers get with their students. I might be in the minority but I loved teaching and it is definitely nice to get all of the holiday breaks and summer breaks!
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  • I have been teaching for 11 years, and there is no other job I would rather do. You are right about all of the "other" things you have to deal with, but I think people have crap like that in every job.  I think subbing is very different than being a certified teacher, so I don't know if that will give you a real picture of what life would be like as a teacher, but you'll at least see if working with the students is what enjoy.
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  • Thanks ladies! I am looking forward to all the exciting changes coming up in life and maybe this might be one of them :).

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  • I am finishing my 4th year of teaching and I still love it. Yes there are days, ok maybe even years, where it is really tough and stressful... Probably why I was put on bed rest at 33 weeks! But I would never change careers. I subbed for a little while before I got my job and I have to a agree with pp I don't think it gives you an insight into really being a teacher but you can at least get a feel for grade levels. Keep in mind, yes holiday breaks are great but it is rare that I actually get to stop "working" at the end of my contracted day!
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  • What about working as a teachers aid or something? Something where you are in the same classroom more consistently? Subbing can be good if you are familiar with the school and start to know the kids. I did a long term sub job for a semester and then go back periodically. It's great because I know the kids, and they don't take advantage of me.

    However I also spent a few years subbing in different schools each day and that was worse. The kids were jerks and loved having a sub day and taking advantage of me when they could. It made for a stressful day. 

    But it's also nice subbing because you don't bring any work home with you at the end of the day. Nice for a mom =)


  • I am in my 9th year of teaching, and I love it.  It can be exhausting, but it is extremely rewarding, too.
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  • sctigersctiger
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    I would recommend subbing because it helps you get a feel for the kids and how each age group is different.  I am finishing up my 5th year of teaching middle school and will not be coming back to teaching.  I am completely miserable.  I think that I would have been much happier teaching elementary or high school, but I do not like the middle school age and I completely regret getting only middle school certified.  I am working on my degree in school counseling because I like that aspect of working with kids (one-on-one and small group) and I will get to work with the age groups I want.  I am so bored with my subject area and I hate the monotony of teaching the same material to 4 classes each day.  I will also add that I am not in a great school, and the apathy and discipline problems are the two main reasons why I am choosing to leave teaching.  I also hate what NCLB has done to our schools.
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  • I taught full-time for 8 years, and now I substitute for a local private high school.  I honestly love/loved both experiences.  I think full-time teaching is going to become more and more stressful as more emphasis is on student test scores and loads of paperwork...and there's a certain amount of distrust/disrespect from some community members who oppose taxes.  However, I can't imagine a more rewarding career.

    Now that I'm a sub, I just love it.  I only sub a few times a month and it's just enough to get out of the house once in awhile (and no grading!).  

    Teaching takes an extreme amount of patience and willingness to adjust your plans constantly, but in what other career can you impact so many lives in a day?  :) 

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  • It's not for everyone. It can be exhausting, and students can be SO demanding. I completely understand why so many teachers leave the profession. Heck, I'm getting my M.Ed. because I have a feeling that in ten years, I might be sick of being in a high school classroom. But for right now, I love it. It might sound cheesy, but it's an incredibly rewarding job.

    I also loved subbing. If you are generally an energetic and patient person, it's an awesome gig. Like PPs have said, you get to go home at the end of the day and put your feet up--no marking, no planning. I'm not sure how subs are paid where you are... here in Alberta, it's about $200/day, plus some holiday pay, but no benefits.


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  • jefkjefk
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    I subbed for 3 years and have been teaching for six years.  I absolutely love my job.  Yeah there's a lot of red tape and bullshiit but I can't imagine doing anything else.

    Subbing is tough.  I didn't particularly enjoy it, but it got me a great job.  If you're really serious about it, I'd suggest sticking to one district - at one point I was subbing in three districts and driving myself crazy.  Find one school that you like and take as many jobs as you can get there - make your name known, as principals tend to hire from within.  Good luck!

  • Just so you know, this is an extremely bad time to be entering the profession. Cuts everywhere, demands on testing scores, pointing fingers, and hundreds of people competing for one job.

    But hey, if it's your passion, go for it. 

     It's definitely not a flight of fancy thing.

     Everyone needs subs though, so you should get plenty of work there. 


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  • jennOKjennOK
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    I am finishing up my first year of teaching after working in another field for over 7 years. I too felt like at this point in my life it was what I was supposed to do. I've had a really good first year. It's a hard job, and the pay isn't good. There are days though when a child finally has the lightbulb go on and gets that skill you've been working on, or a little girl brings you a rose from the bush outside her house happened today that make it worth it.

    I will say subs can have a hard time. If you're going to sub, it's best to do it at one school where the teachers, staff and children get to know you because you're there all the time.
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