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Am I crazy?

Ok so we bought a used BOB duallie off of Craigslist over a year ago and it's ok.  It is faded and doesn't look great but works fine.  And it's orange (not my most favorite color).  I think I paid $320 for it. 

BUT....Kohls has one on sale for $626 right now - brand new, new model and I could get 30% off and an extra 15% off if I have my dad order it (he works there PT).  Plus I currently have $30 in Kohl's cash and would also earn $70 in Kohl's cash!  So after the 30% and 15% it would be $354.  I could use my $30 in Kohl's cash and it would be about the same as I paid for my used one as well as purchase through Ebates and earn 6% back (around $20).  And I'd earn $70 in Kohl's cash.  And I could get a color other than orange!

**OK forgot about tax - there will be tax so the amount will be slightly higher but at the most it will be $37. 

So am I crazy for wanting to buy a brand new stroller when I already have one?  I'm thinking maybe I could put the one I currently own on CL to see if it would sell for the same price I bought it and then could upgrade for free!



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Re: Am I crazy?

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