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My son is 4 1/2 months old.  He still sleeps in a SwaddleMe Sleep Sack, but we are hoping to wean him off of that when my husband and I are on summer break here in a few days.


I am concerned about the temperature of our home, and my husband and I can't quite agree!  It's very warm here in Kansas City right now, and my husband likes to keep the house at about 78 degrees.  Everything I've read online says that the ideal temp for babies is around 75ish for summer months.  We have our son in a plain onesie, plus the SwaddleMe for bedtime.  We also have a fan going on in his room.  However, his room thermometer says it's about 79 degrees right now.  That seems pretty warm --  I don't want him to get overheated, and I have a (probably somewhat irrational) fear of SIDS.  We've tried a couple nights with him out of the SwaddleMe, but he wakes easily, and we'd rather try weaning when we are both done with school and sleep is not as important. :-)


What temperature do you all keep your homes at in warm months, and what do you dress your babies in to sleep? 


Thanks for your help! 

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Re: Temperature

  • BLPL101BLPL101
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    73-74 and she sleeps in a onesie and SwaddleMe. 

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  • 70 in DS's room. He wears a onesie and cotton SwaddleMe. We stopped using the heat in our room May 1st. We live in New England so it's not that warm yet at all. I would die if the house was 78!

    The fan is a good idea. I've read that circulating air helps decrease SIDS. I would also go by your LO ... if he's sweaty or seems uncomfortable turn the heat down. DS definitely runs warm so 68 to 72 has always been the best temp range for him.
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  • The NICU docs said 70-72. We keep it at 73/74 because we have a fan in the room.
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  • 70. Dd complains she's hot if it's any warmer
  • We keep the house between 72/73 at night, LO sleeps in a cotton sleeper and the miracle blanket. 
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  • That seems very hot to me.  We try to keep it light (like a cotton sleep sack over a light cotton shirt) and it's never that hot here.  If you find that you can't sleep with anything covering you because you're hot (like summers I spent in a cabin where you'd just take a cold shower and hop into bed naked and hope you fell asleep before you got too hot) and you have to have it that hot, maybe you could try a cotton sleep sack with nothing underneath (arms exposed) that would mimic just a sheet?  
  • I like it warm. 72 ish but it always ends up at 60 bc my fil set it that way and I hate it. I Amaya's wake up come and turn the heat on to 75. He sleeps in either a sleep sack if fleece or cotton or a cotton swaddle as we wean him off. It doesn't stay on anymore though so he usually ends up in just a onesie.


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  • Around 70; we set the AC to 65 but the room temp is more around 70

    And she'll sleep on a onesie, cotton sleeper and sleepsack (that we might ditch when she outgrowns it, for DS was around 7m)

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  • 72-74


    cotton onsie and sleeper 

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  • kimmletkimmlet
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    DS sleeps better if the house is cooler, we used to keep it around 74 but the past few days it's been 68-70 and he has slept MUCH better.

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  • ObLaDiObLaDi
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    Oh my gosh I would DIE in a 78 degree room.

    We probably keep it around 70.
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  • b0710b0710
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    image ObLaDi:
    Oh my gosh I would DIE in a 78 degree room. We probably keep it around 70.

    Haha!  I was thinking the exact same thing!  During the winter...our heat was set at 68, but LOs room is probably more like 70.  During the winter he slept in a sleeper and a Halo SwaddleSack.  Once it warms up, we keep the a/c on 70 all night and he sleeps in either a lightweight sleeper with a cotton Halo SleepSack or a onesie with a cotton Halo SleepSack.  Michigan is crazy and just last week we had both the heat and the a/c on back to back days, so it depends on the day for us.  I had read that LOs sleep best in a room that is 68-70.  I also read that lower temperatures lessened the risk of SIDS.  I honestly think that 78 could pose a risk for your LO overheating.  My little guy sweats at about 75, so we could never do that (but it's way above our comfortable zone anyways). 

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  • holly52holly52
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    We keep our thermostat set to 73, but the rooms in our house are always a bit colder like around 70.  DD gets very hot easily.  She sleeps in a onesie and the miracle blanket or she sleeps in a just a sleeper and she is fine. 
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  • I am sweating just thinking about all of these temps!  LOL  We have the heat turned off now in the house (although have turned it on to take the chill out the past few days for a little) but we keep DD's room around 67.  She has a portable tower heater with a thermostat on it and thats what we set it for and we have her ceiling fan on.  She sleeps in a regular one peice cotton sleeper and a sleep sack.  There were a few nights where the heat was off but it was just HOT upstairs and her room was at 73 degrees and I was afraid she had to many layers on and was to hot!



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