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Gerber Essentials Bottles


What do you think of these? These are the ones you can buy at Wal-Mart in a three pack for like 3 bucks. You can get them with either a latex or silicone nipple.

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  • I read good reviews online about them, but I was very unhappy with the ones I bought. The silicone nipples are very flimsy and there's not a tight enough seal between them and the plastic ring, so they leak. DD's outfit had to be changed almost every time we used those nipples because she got soaked. I even bought a separate pack of nipples from a different store, thinking maybe I just got a bad batch, and they did the same thing. I would not recommend them based on our experience. We bought the cheap Parent's Choice nipples from Wal-Mart and they work great!
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    We got a variety of bottle fro our shower and they are DD's favorite. We ended up buy more once we knew she liked them and sent a couple packs to the grandparents houses. We have used Tommee Tippe, Similac bottles and medela.  DD doesn't have a problem using any bottles or nipples, though, so we love that they are cheap and easy.  We haven't had a problem with leaking like PP.   




  • I tried about every bottle out there (Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippe, Avent, Evenflo, Medela, etc.) and these are DD's favorites.  She is small so I think the nipple is nice and small for her to latch.  We have a bunch of them because they are so cheap and we just keep some at the grandparents and in the diaper bag.  Of all of them, I have had two that eventually leaked.  It was a bummer but since they are DD's favorites we just pitched them and moved on. 
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    I bought some for DD because they're supposed to reduce gas and fussiness. I have noticed that she seems calmer after a feeding since we switched, so they must work pretty well. One warning though. I found that I have to make sure that I pull on the nipple to make sure they're aren't any gaps between the silicone part and the plastic park before I give it to her, otherwise they have a tendency to leak.
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    We had the same nipple leak issue that others have mentioned, but when I use the bottles with other nipples, like the ones that came with my Medela bottles, no leaks. Ours were a gift, so I don't know if I would buy them given the leaky nipples, but they do work with my Medela pump too, which came in handy when I was pumping a lot to supplement early on and didn't want to wash bottles constantly.
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