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How Much Feeding is normal?

My LO is seven weeks and is eating 4-5 oz. every 3 1/2 hours. She normally eats 3 4oz bottles a day and 3 5oz bottles a day(equalling to 27 hours in a 24 hour day). 

Our pediatrician told us she should be eating 6 oz by our next appointment (next week at 8 weeks). There is no way she's going to be there. She BARELY gets down the 5 oz. It takes us longer to get her to eat 5 but she does end up eating the whole bottle. 

I was just wondering I guess what the 'norm' is for you moms. Is my LO not eating enough for the age?

Re: How Much Feeding is normal?

  • Why would she need to eat 6 oz? That sounds like a lot for a 2 month old.

    I found an article on baby center that said not to feed more than 32 oz of formula in a day. It sounds like your LO is getting the correct amount right now.
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  • Thank you! That is relieving! :) 
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    DS is 10 weeks and only takes 4oz at a time, about every 3 hours. I've tried getting him to take 5oz but he won't. My pedi said he's doing fine at his 2 month appointment. As long as your LO is gaining weight, I'd say you're doing great the way you are, no reason to force feed.

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  • DS is 4 months and if I gave him 6oz in one sitting he would spit it all back up immediately! He eats 24-28oz a day (4oz bottles). It has never come up as a concern because he is gaining weight and having the appropriate number of wet/dirty diapers. 
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  • DS never took more than 4 ozs of BM, formula or cow's milk (once he was 1 yr) ever.  As long as the LO is getting enough in a day, I don't see why it needs to be X amount per feeding.  I think it sounds like you're just fine!
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  • thats azz crazy my 9mon old only drinks 5oz at a time
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  • My 10 week old only drinks 2 to 3 ounces at a time. About 18 oz a day
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    I don't think there is a normal for an age.  A 5lb baby at 7 weeks will eat less than a 9lb baby at 7 weeks.  How big is your baby?
  • My 9 week old only takes 3 to 4 oz per feeding every 3 hours and does an 8 hour stretch at night on that much at his evening feeding. He gained 2 lbs between his 1 and 2 month appointments so the amount is right for him. Babies aren't robots, they are little people. Some eat more than others. As long as she is satisfied and gaining then she is fine.

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