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***What went well this week?***

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I'm late with this thread - I took DS into school today to visit my coworkers and students and kind of spaced!

DS has been napping better this week. It still can be a struggle, but there is a noticeable difference.

He has started grabbing for things that interest him. He touched my face the other day and I had a full blown mommy swoon!

One night, he slept 10 hours! I don't count on it happening again, but it was a great early Mother's Day present! 


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Re: ***What went well this week?***

  • Baby has been talking up a storm, and Mommy made it to the gym 3 times.  Great week!
  • This is more of an AW, but I finally ordered a nursing bra. I'm super excited.  

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  • Screaming after bath time has almost stopped.  Prior to this week, after her bath, she would scream like crazy until I fed her.  This week, she barely made a peep most nights.  It's been a warm week here, so I'm thinking that's what's making it better.  She's not so cold when she is getting dressed. 
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  • DD slept through the night last night! I'm not fooling myself into thinking it'll happen again any time soon but it was so nice!!!
    She's cooing and talking so much more now. She tracks her daddy across the room too, like she wants to follow his every move. I can tell it makes him feel good that she loves him and is interested in him!
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  • DD actually started taking real naps--none of this 10-20 minutes crap.  I just it sticks! She also finally giggled while she was awake and started grabbing.  
  • E has slept through the night every night this week! Not to mention, DH got that new position at his work!!!!! Super thrilled! No more overnight shifts! Big Smile The extra money doesn't hurt either.
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  • I officially became a stay at home mom. I resigned on Monday. Was dreading it big time. So happy it's over!! And my boss was so sweet about it

    DS had the smallest giggle this week for the first time. : I definitely had tears in my eyes. Amazing!!
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  • We got in a 9 hour sleep! 

    DS has been very talkative. As cute as it is to have conversations with him, I had flash forwards of the days when I will be telling him it is rude to interrupt the adults (ha!)

    And today he had a wonderful 2 hour nap... On the sofa, not in my arms and he slept on his side. Of course it was supervised. It's the longest nap he has taken out of my arms in over a month.  

    Tonight we attempt arms out swaddling since he was 3 weeks old.  

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  • image happylady5:
    I officially became a stay at home mom. I resigned on Monday. Was dreading it big time. So happy it's over!! And my boss was so sweet about it

    DS had the smallest giggle this week for the first time. : I definitely had tears in my eyes. Amazing!!

    I officially quit too! My boss was "sweet" too. She was fake sweet though lol. Because I'm good friends with some co workers who said she was walking around smiling and excited that I quit. Because now she can hire someone who isn't better than her at marketing so she won't look like a complete idiot anymore. Ha.
  • I got a bunch of cupcake orders!! Yay! 

     ALso, got DD's 2 month shots without a hitch. She seems totally fine!  

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  • DS got back to his regular routine, which was such a relief.  He even took a 3.5 hour nap yesterday!

    We added in an evening nap (6:30 - 7:30) and now DS is sleeping from 10-5 most nights.  C'mon, 10-6!  We're so close!

    We had a great trip to the grocery store - he loves looking around and now that his head control is getting better, it's easier to wear him without him swinging everywhere while I shop.

    We got two giggles this week...amazing.

    I took him in to my high school and to meet the Athletic Director (my boss).  The AD was so excited to see him.  I coach one of his daughters and you can tell he is such a good daddy.  He's had a rough week (turns out the asst. water polo coach was having relations with a student), so it was nice to surprise him with a visit.



  • LO has been super duper happy, squealing with delight! She has been noticing that she has fingers and will stare and twist them together for about a half hour before she gets bored. Play time has been going so well for DH too. She loves her walks now too!
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  • I think I finally came to peace with breastfeeding which is great because I really wanted to find peace with it. I can now fully enjoy all the parts I enjoyed from the beginning and cope with all the unglamorous parts.


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