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Exercise Ball

Has anyone had any success, or know anyone who has, with using an exercise ball to get labor going?? Thanks!

Re: Exercise Ball

  • I've been using this for one week. It's supposed to help the baby engage or drop. But still not sure if its worked.

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  • Bouncing and doing hip circles on an exercise ball can help open your hips and get baby lower.  It probably won't put you into labor, but it could potentially help things progress.
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  • I use one pretty regularly (even before getting pregnant) to sit on at work. It definitely helps with the lower back pain, and LO has dropped already, so it might help with that.
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  • I don't know if it helps jumpstart labor, but my husband bought me one a couple months ago and I adore it.  My mid back muscles are killing me these days, and sometimes I find nothing will sooth them except sitting on my heels on the floor and draping the top half of me over that ball.  Heaven.  It's also very nice when I'm tired, but sitting on the couch just won't cut it anymore.  Sitting on the ball uses a completely different group of muscles and offers a nice break.

    I recommend it even if it's only for pre-baby comfort, but I imagine I may use it quite a bit while I am laboring at home.

  • Thanks ladies! She is really low already but the back pain relief sounds amazing and if anything else happens, bonus!!
  • From my understanding it somehow puts you in labor. I never actually asked my ob or researched. But I did try it with DD and I didn't go into labor because of it.
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  • pnutgpnutg
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    Ive been bouncing non stop for 2 days. We'll see!
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  • image sunnidanielle:
    Thanks ladies! She is really low already but the back pain relief sounds amazing and if anything else happens, bonus!!

    Thanks for this post OP I should use mine. My baby is dropped but for back ache relief I am in!
  • Not sure if it is a weird coincidence or not but after bouncing and rocking for a little over an hour earlier this evening i have since started cramping and lost my mucus plug (sorry for the tmi) I guess we will see if it continues or stalls out!
  • Been using it for 3 days.. It's great for pressure when baby is trying to drop ..but it doesn't rush labor..
  • It seemed to bring on contractions for me, but who knows if it was just "time" anyways.

    Once the contractions started when they would space out farther I would get back on the ball and they would start coming more frequent.

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