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I don't want to go see the ILs and spend the weekend at their house. Ughhhhh. MIL always makes dumb and passive aggressive comments (you had to pick the hospital that's least convenient for me, since she's born in DC will she need a passport to come home to VA). This lady has become a pain in the a$$ and her comments make me want to spend zero time out there. Also, DH just made reservations for brunch for Mothers Day at a nice restaurant. I don't feel like picking up the god damned bill. Every time we eat out with them we pick up the bill. They have money, pay for your meal every once in a while. This Christmas we went to dinner and paid, this would never fly in my family. Let's just eat at home, my DH will even cook...oh no they want to eat out but don't enjoy paying for it.

Ok, vent over. DH and I are going to BBB today to order the stroller. I plan to spend some extra time there just looking around no enjoying to offset this IL visit. 

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Re: Dumb Vent

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    Aside from the paying thing, do we have the same MIL?  We had done Mother's Day for 2 years at our country club and both times she complained (after hitting up the buffet twice) that it was way too early to eat.  This year we aren't and she asks why not.  Um, how about letting one of your other adult, married children pay for a meal for once!  She is also convinced we are purposely keeping Li away from them even though we told them, whenever you want to see her, call, and if we don't have plans, you are welcome to come over... yeah, happens maybe once a month. 

     I'm sorry you have to do a whole weekend without alcohol!

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  • That's lame. They sound pretty selfish. Well, I think for Mother's Day you should still pay for their meal, but maybe at the next outing suggest going Dutch. They can pay their half and you can pay yours. At least it's a little more fair, and maybe they just don't realize that they are being unfair? Perhaps suggesting splitting the bill will alert them to the fact that maybe they should pay sometimes? Good luck and try to ignore the selfish comments about the hospital. It's not like she is the one giving birth, sheesh!
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  • Oh girl, sending you strength!
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  • As a fellow member of the frustrating MIL club, I will keep you in my thoughts this weekend.
  • OY.  I feel your pain.  My MIL is here for the weekend and I'm glad it's a weekend we also have SO's daughter.  MIL is a very high maintenance house guest.  I love her but she's really good at over-staying.  I know as her host that I should be offering her food and drinks, and I do, but at my parents' house, it was always, our home is your home, help yourself to anything you'd like.  With MIL, if I don't offer, she'll b**** to all her friends that I'm not polite.  She also told me last night that for being due in July that I'm huge already........  she is literally the ONLY person that has said anything like that.  Everyone else, work, family, friends, have said that I don't look as far along as I am.  It honestly wouldn't bother me if anyone else said it, but because it was her, I want to hit her lol.  

     We are also going to see SO's brother and family today.  Lord give me patience and I pray that SIL is there.   

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  • I cant believe they make you pay for their meals out!  Craziness!  I would not survive!  Maybe you just need to say whatever you feel to her since she has no problem holding back her opinions about stuff you do!
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  • Thanks all, just getting it out of my system helps. Like a fart, a big IL fart. :)
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  • I hope your the visit doesn't go as bad as it seems! Make sure to sleep as much as you can, 3rd trimester sure is tiring, lol.
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    As a fellow member of the frustrating MIL club, I will keep you in my thoughts this weekend.


    can I join the club, please? To the PP, I guess the only bright side of our MILs is that we don't live with them...right? Distance can be sanity-maintaining. 

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