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Strong Boy Names? HELP!

I am a self-professed planner and not having a name for my baby yet is driving me bananas! Here are the details, please help me with any ideas you may have for my little one--I am school teacher, so remember ladies and gentlemen that there are no dumb answers :)

I live in Texas, and my husband and I tend to lean towards country and tough boy names, and I like old and Biblical names as well. We are having a boy, by the way, due July 14.

So far, his middle name will be Warren (after my grandmother's maiden name), so this covers getting a family name in there, but I am willing to change it if another great name pops up. First names we keep coming back to are: Major, Brooks, Landry, John, Axel, Max(imus), Everest.

Please help with any solid names you can think of. Thank you so much, I love this site and value your opinions so very much!

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