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Bug protection?

DD2 is highly allergic to bugbites.  Her whole arm/leg will swell, turn bright red and get hot. We are attempting a camping trip at the end of the month.  Any ideas to keep the bugs away from her?
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Re: Bug protection?

  • NandaBNandaB
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    California baby makes an all natural citronella and something else bug spray. I would bring citronella candles and benedryl for the inevitable bites
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  • I recently read that lemon eucalyptus oil (or regular eucalyptus oil) works extremely well against a few different types of bugs. Apparently, different bugs react to different things, but this actually repels mosquitoes and ticks. I'm not sure about biting flies/gnats/chiggers, etc. I do know that Avon skin so soft bath oil used to work wonders on me years ago. I lived in very woodsy North Carolina, and I also had/have horrible reactions to insect bites. We hadn't lived there long, and my mom was desperate for advice, so when a neighbor suggested it, she thought it couldnt hurt to try, and it worked!!! It actually worked for our dog too. I don't even know if they still make the product, but it would be worth a shot if you'd rather not go the chemical route. (Although if your DD is that allergic, a chemical block may be the best way, I don't know.)

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  • I use Skin So Soft, surprisingly it works, plus it doesn't smell gross.

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