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My 10.5 month old has been waking up approx 3-4 times per night the last two weeks. I thought it would get better on its own but it still hasn't. He is not hot or cold and doesn't need a change. The only way I can get him to bed  is by giving him a bottle. I know he is not hungry enough to eat a ton during the day like he does and three times at night. He used to only wake up once to eat. My DH thinks I should just have him CIO at night. We used CIO to get him to sleep for naps and bed time and that worked well. I am just nervous to do it over night for some reason. Any one do that with their LO and it worked? TIA

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  • I'm not familiar with CIO, but could it possibly be teething? Maybe one night you could give him some teething tablets before he falls asleep and see if that helps?
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  • Well we did CIO for bedtime, but that also included over night initially because she cried a bit that first night, on and off. When you did CIO for bedtime, did he not wake during the night? I would think if it worked before, it would work again.
  • DD has been going through this too-- so many things it could be. Teething for sure. Growth spurt. Learning a new skill.

    DD only cries when something is wrong- so for me to let her CIO is hard. But that's just me.

    Do you feed him at night? if so, how much? How much does he eat during the day? 

  • If he's eating a reasonable amount in the bottle, maybe he is hungry?  I second the idea of growth spurt.  The other idea is teething, or tummy troubles from dinner, or something else keeping him awake if he was good sleeper prior.
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    If he's eating a reasonable amount in the bottle, maybe he is hungry?nbsp; I second the idea of growth spurt.nbsp; The other idea is teething, or tummy troubles from dinner, or something else keeping him awake if he was good sleeper prior.

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  • Thanks for the responses! He gets a full approx 8 oz of whole milk in a sippy cup before bed every night. (dr. have us weaning him from the bottle). If he wakes up at night I feed him formula in a bottle 6 oz in each bottle. I feel like this is a lot of food over night but like you guys are saying, I'm afraid he is hungry. I have thought it might be teething so I give him his dose of tylenol and he still wakes up that often at night so i don't think its that. I'm just at a loss. Hopefully its just a phase.
  • He also gets three sippy cups full of milk per day plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also eats snacks off our plates through out the day.
  • We did CIO.  For night wakings now, I will wait a few minutes to make sure she won't go back to sleep on her own.  Then I will go to her room and either soothe her while she is still in her crib or hold her for a few minutes and then put her back down in her crib and put my hand on her tummy and/or rub her head for about a minute and then leave the room. She might fuss some but usually falls asleep.  If not, I might have to try it a few times.  

  • I had the same thing at about 9.5 months. It lasted 3.5 weeks before I almost went crazy! I finally decided to introduce a lovely - teddy bear in our case. I cuddled him at night with it for a few days and he wanted nothing to do with it. After about a week - he is now saying something resembling "Teh" when he wants it and grabs at it in the middle of the night when he wakes. This is helping to replace the need to wake me for comfort. He also was waking in the middle of the night to feed - one night I went in and put my hand in his crib (sat on floor next to it), patted it, and he laid back down on my hand. I left my hand there until he fell asleep and slid it out. After three days of this - and not giving in to the comfort feeding - he gave it up and is now STTN.
  • Maybe try ibuprofin instead of tylenol.  Neither of my boys have responded to tylenol while teething. 
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